“Gay” USA~L.A.P.D. Fires Toughest Cops For Being “Too Masculine.” Good Riddance, Californication

“Gay” USA” LAPD fires toughest cops for being too masculine, Good Riddance, Californication

California is turning into the worlds biggest garbage dump.  NO doubt, the Lefty-S.A. NAZI’s in Commie-fornia want sweet, little, pansy-ass fairies in charge of Los Angeles.. Good.  Let it burn.  I’m sick and tired of these left-wing cities, they really are vomitous.   Just think… If God himself–rid America of D.C., Manhattan, Los Angeles and Chicago (all lib pig-pens, btw) the WHOLE WORLD would be a better place.  We would have world peace (to some degree)  Now, that would truly be change you can believe in..

This is what the leftist, Social-justice for moonbats want to man the streets of Los Angeles (eye-roll):

That’s  really gonna work  against this:

This should be Freak-a-Fornia’s new state Anthem:

Get mad at QV all you want, but he is RIGHT about Sodom-O’MeriKa.

10 thoughts on ““Gay” USA~L.A.P.D. Fires Toughest Cops For Being “Too Masculine.” Good Riddance, Californication

  1. Un-freakin-believable! They lower the standards any lower the only one’s that will apply will be gang bangers! Maybe that’s what they hope for!

  2. I think the other Boroughs should be able to seceed from New York City, since anything outside of Manhattan snooty Bloomy leaves to rot in crises anyway – because Manhattan is a fancy wine town while the outer boroughs are beer zones, just look at how the bastards abandoned the people of Staten Island!

  3. Mare, the problem with NYC is the limousine libs in Manhattan.

    Didnt you see the post I made 4 u??!

  4. The article didn’t say what the tactics were the cops used. Does anyone have a link to info on what the jump out boys did specifically?

  5. Coming to USSA

    The Reichstag Fire Decree on February 28, 1933, permitted the suspension of basic civil rights—rights that had been guaranteed by the democratic Weimar Constitution.

    The Third Reich became a police state in which Germans enjoyed no guaranteed basic rights and the SS, the elite guard of the Nazi state, wielded increasing authority through its control over the police. Political opponents become persecuted.

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