Coming To America? The Greeks Are Fighting For Food.

This is Greece, once the greatest empire the world ever knew.

This proves it can happen anywhere.  The laws of economics don’t stop at our shores just because we are America.  After Greece came Rome, then England, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland & Belgium. Just look at them today.  They came and went and are shells of what they once were, so don’t think it can’t happen here.  It may take us a little longer to get there because we are so much bigger in population and land mass, but if you want to see our future; Look at Greece.  It will probably be even worse here because 1/3 of our population are 3rd world savages and dumbbells.

7 thoughts on “Coming To America? The Greeks Are Fighting For Food.

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    From the comment section of the video – “I already know what is going on in Europe. Some of us understood what was coming far before the collapse started. If you don’t understand the problems with debt-based paper currencies, central banks, rigged/planned artificially low rates, you’ll never understand anything. The foregoing is what creates excessive leverage, excessive debt, debt-based consumption economies, price inflation, asset/credit bubbles, and a hidden transfer of purchasing power to the connected.

  2. Do the declining White population realise that their White leaders are busy decimating their numbers?

  3. For Amerikaners, there’s always the riots if no food is available after 9 meals. After that, its Cannibalism Time. Nice! Enjoy. Your IMF has done to Greece what is now heading your home front.

  4. It is on the air. America’s ousting of Mubarak has resulted in Egyptians eating from garbage dumps.
    So, Amerikaners should also go to garbage dumps and scavange for food. And you should enjoy your garbage dump food, Amerikaners. Then, sing and praise your leaders.

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