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It’s the hypocrisy of it all that makes me sick.  Which we have all been guilty of in our lives…  But the leftist-NAZI ‘collective’ hypocrites are astounding to me.  They protested against Viet Nam (Some members of my own family did as well, but they did it because they could not see one reason to go into Viet Nam)  Not so with these leftist-NAZIs.  The ONLY reason these people protest is because enjoy undermining.  They don’t protest now, because they have their totalitarian in the White house…So, the end justifies the means.

Where’s the outrage for this, Lefty-NAZIs??

Meanwhile, these children and folks have been murdered by OBAMA and have no voice, anymore.  Obama just drones and murders people and does not ask America if he can, he just does what he pleases, a lawless individual.. He receives NO congressional approval, just BOMB, BOMB, BOMB.. So, he will murder Americans as well,  just as he has done with his ‘political opponents’ like Breitbart.

Lefty-NAZIs only care about Israel’s ‘oppressive tactics’ against the ‘poor’ P-lestinians who are starving to death….

Crying 2