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Illegal is not a race

SEE: Illegal Alien Scolds Congress for Calling Him an Illegal Immigrant.

WHEN are Americans going to ever learn how to ‘talk’ to Leftist-COMMU-NAZIs and illegals? You talk to these impossible idiots with disrespect.  Not kindly.  Not submissive.  Get in their face and tell their asses off. PERIOD!  I know a lot of you have seen this sicko news. But, I had to get in a rant because I can’t stand this illegal SHIT.

 I’m sick of these criminal invaders.  You all remember during the holidays when that American young man was held up in a Chicano prison in Mexico? O’Reilly helped him get home??  I bet you dollars to donuts he would’ve preferred to be called an illegal than being chained up behind bars!  The damned gall of these ILLEGAL, OCCUPYING, CRIMINAL INVADERS is disgusting.  NO country allows people in like we do.  We let anyone in.  This is why the statue of ‘liberty’ is NOTHING to me.  She just looks like a whore who lets anyone come in and screw her.  That’s exactly how America has become.  A whore letting anyone in to sex her.


This ILLEGAL OCCUPIER Says to ‘Define an American” – Easy, Chicano: