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I didn’t even SEE this!!  Christians Murdered In New Jersey…Not A PEEP From The Mainstream Media. The liberals certainly are not going to say anything…

Did we hear about this on FAUX News?  Nope.  Not a peep.  Why?  Did we hear from that fat SOB, Chris Christie?  No.  Why?  Because fatass Christie is eating too much pork, donuts and ice-cream to give a rats ass about what is happening in his Muzzie-friendly state.   Where is Ann Coulter to call out her gargantuan B.F., Christie?  She’s too busy brushing her HAIR.  The fish rots from the head down.   Lots of ‘white supremacists’ LOVE Muslim Jihado’s.  I hope the Muslims kill them for being traitors to their race.

Fatso Chris Christie Blasts ‘Crazies’ After Appointing Muslim Judge 


Planet Chris Christie