Tim Wise (CNN) Advocates Murder Of White Conservatives On Twitter

This is why you must not ever give up your guns–ever.  With treachery within,  one cannot trust the likes of this Marxist filth who is totally blind and completely oblivious to what is happening in America, today.  White religious Jews & Christians are the target for the lynching, rape, robbery, etc.  Wise is living in circa 1963.

CLICK HERE: Tim Wise advocates murder of white conservatives on twitter

Here is his latest lie how blacks are ‘stereo-typed’.  LIAR.  They stereo-type whites to look like morons.  Click:  Tim Wise on CNN Newsroom: “Racial Typecasting in Hollywood & Advertising,” 2/16/13

Why is he such a hateful person?  Look at his picture, his REAL picture, below.. NO sane woman, left (satanist) OR right would look twice at this hideous pansy-ass, stool-pushing creep:

5 thoughts on “Tim Wise (CNN) Advocates Murder Of White Conservatives On Twitter

  1. No there isn’t.
    He is white.
    There are only THREE races:
    Negro, Mongol and Cauc.
    Wise is Cauc.

    Where the fuck do you people get this shit?

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