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What is real mental illness??

Is it ‘mentally-ill’ for this young woman to have been raped and murdered by a black man?  13 year old murdered in vicious hate crime?  YES.  It is mentally ill to rape a 13 year old girl.

Is it mental illness that Tim Wise (from CNN) advocates murder of white conservatives on twitter?  YES. Liberalism is a mental disorder as Michael Savage suggests.

Is it ‘mental illness’ that the Obama administration teaching anti-white hatred to employees?  YES.  The people who are staffed by Obama are Marxists who have an inward loathing for their nation, especially the history of ‘evil’ white American/s.

Is it ‘mental illness’ that a Black principal bans whites from after school tutoring? YES. We believe that any form of extreme racism is bad. (Most people are bigoted by nature)  Calling out the bad in ones own people is a step in the right direction so that folks will not hate a WHOLE people/s..

Is it ‘mental illness’ that Four Crimson Tide players (black) arrested for brutal hate crime mob attacks perpetrated against whites?  YES. To beat people just for being white is just as bad as beating people just for being black. Racism is racism.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories on this issue of black on white crime.  The truly mentally ill are those that are keeping these crimes a secret.  Just as many NAZI’s did after WW2.. Saying ‘There were no work-camps!’

This is the web-site (below) that hides black crime against white people, who ARE the victims in today’s America & have been since the 60’s.  Racism against American whites has grown like a cancer:  The Tea-Bag “Terrorist” Suckers Are The New “White Power Movement

Black Privilege

This post excludes ILLEGALS.  Illegals are not a race.