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China Suggests US Cyber-War ‘False Flag’. 

See the latest: FBI blocked in probe of NASA-China leak…  See?  Bullshite..!!! From OBAMA.  Always, everyday, 100% crap from Barack the bull-shitter.  He wants to be the EMPEROR of the net.. he blames China for his non-situation, power-grab…. 

It could very well be truth.  Anyone else notice how Obama the Marxist, p.o.s., DICTATOR signed an executive order to grab the net?  I did.  I posted on it: On Friday, Obama Signed Another EO: He Controls ALL Communication Systems In USA. WHERE ARE THE STUPID “LIBERALS?”  Maybe the Obama regime trump’d this Chinese ‘cyber war’ up? Who knows, anymore?

I do not trust our government.  Does not mean I trust the Chinese, either.  We do, however, owe China billions and billions–trillions, even “GodZillions”.  

Why do they lend money to a rogue nation (the USSA?)  Maybe they will come onto our land and collect payment in full.   This is what I bet:  The real estate industry/home loan corps will sell-out to China as the dollar will crash.   Say goodbye to your homes in the future.  You will give up your homes to China.. Well, some of you MORONS wanted Communism so bad..You’re gonna get it–with both barrels.. Obama wants to SPEND MORE.  Your mortgages will be owned by your creditor, the Chinese.   So, be nice to these people-they OWN you.  Sad to say, I would trust the Chinese over the friggin “Liberal” American.

Off to the fellowship/Synagogue with Mommy 😀