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You stupid ‘liberal’ minorities are the epitome of dumb-ass.  You think the leftist/NAZIs love you.  Ha Ha Ha.  Puh…lease.. They USE you for votes.  Inwardly they hate you as they hate most folks because they are satan’s kids. Silly minority blacks, Jews, Females and Mexicans.. When will you EVER learn?    

This is what OBAMA and his regime has brought to AmeriKa: Racism, anti-female, Jew-hatred, White-hated, Christian-hatred and nothing BUT hatred, division and Marxist insanity. The Leftist-NAZIs only love ILLEGALS from Mexico. & Jihad Islamo’s….

Don’t cry to me, I have been warning you idiots for almost 4 years. 

I am 



Click!  Peter Dreier: Sunday’s Oscar Show Wins Awards for Sexism 

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Click!  Seth MacFarlane Slammed for antiSemitismRacism, Misogyny

Click!  Seth MacFarlane Slammed For AntiSemitismRacism, Misogyny