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Can someone tell me when you even heard the use of the word, ‘sequestration’, before Obama?  Anytime we hear of some new term, you can bet your bottom dollar that Obama and the left-wing, “Progressives” invented the word to use for ‘such a time as this’.  

Political-correctness is not an American ideology by tradition. So, of course it did not come from Americans that are trying to do things right. Most definitely, Obama started bringing this ‘cuss’ word to our attention..   

These traitors in both houses act like this is ‘new’.  Well, it’s not.  I know what I am telling you is the truth because the state-run media, NBC – is Blaming ‘American Public’ and Republicans (Wow, shocked?) for Sequester.

There needs to be no further explanation.  That link explains where the “F bomb” sequestration word originated; THE LEFT WING & OBAMA.  The real word/s they fear is spending cuts.