Is A Political “Perfect Storm, False Flag” Event Being Set-Up & Staged By The Obama Regime?

First let me say that in my opinion, every problem this nation faces was CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT.  If you think Medicare is a wonderful govt. program that works well, guess again.  Those old enough may remember how cheap medical costs were before Medicare.

Now we have this putz, Barack Hussein Obama, that is manufacturing crisis after crisis.  First he refused to release his records, birth certificate and college transcripts, then it was debt ceiling after debt ceiling, hundreds of millions to failing green companies, the BP oil spill which was totally mishandled, high unemployment with false govt employment stats, tax hikes for the so called wealthy, sequester, proposed by the boy himself, even though he is now distancing himself from it as far as possible, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, boots on the ground in Africa, while Americans were out of work, pushing through unwanted healthcare, the tax hikes, astronomical budget deficits and debt he wont even try to fix, threatening some that have some recognition with threats for saying the sequester is Obama’s doing, including Bob Woodward of Watergate fame and Clinton dinosaur, Lanny Davis, Newtown and gun control, which could trigger a revolution.

Obama is going to make sequester as painful as he possibly can and the media will back him up.  There is even a story out that the Obama administration is fearing assassination by the military.  Will he do a false flag assassination attempt on his life?  In Israel, 1992, Yitzak Rabin tried that without too much success.

This is crisis management, jumping from one fire to the next, many of them the govt’s own doing.

Will Obama eventually declare Martial Law?  Stay tuned, same time, same channel, next week for the next thrilling episode in crisis by Barack Hussein Obama.

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-David Ben Moshe

26 thoughts on “Is A Political “Perfect Storm, False Flag” Event Being Set-Up & Staged By The Obama Regime?

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  2. What do you beautiful women know about “false flags”… something yer political science, professor…
    Gave you as “required reading”…before next week…?

    Hugs, Hons…!

  3. “Ah, well, I am a great and sublime fool. But then I am God’s fool, and all His [and my husband’s] work must be contemplated with respect.”
    – Mark Twain, a Biography

  4. Nevertheless… TMJ…

    God and husbands aside…
    I can still, cut you a “little slack”…

    Personally; I luv yer total, verbal… “kick arse”… attitude…
    You cudda been one helluva, wonderful “asset”… on one of my A-Teams…!

    However; my experience as an “olde soldier”…cautions me to regard you as …”all hat and no cattle”…

    Like that phony baloney little Bush boye, from Texazz and that sorry limp, dick…Big Dick [?] … Cheney from, Oklahoma…?

    Damn… I really hate when I’m disappointed like THAT..
    Olde soldier sends, best regards…!

  5. Sorry to disappoint, Gramps, I am a pretty brassy and crass person. A serious, outspoken individual in physical life.

    I WISH I was more ‘hat’ 😉 It would have been a little better for me.

    Personally; I luv yer total, verbal… “kick arse”… attitude…

    Portugees are like that. I am more Portugee than anything else.

    Also a Native NYer. When NY WAS a cool, rockin, tough ass town. Italians, Irish and me 😀

  6. I am trying to comment on the real OBAMA with the funny teeth and one eye, but you keep on taking it away from the comments page and putting in its place someone drinking a glass of wine standing behind a golden eagle, COULD YOU PLEASE LEAVE THE ORIGINAL PHOTO WITH THE COMMENTS PAGE ,SO THAT I MAY COMMENT ON IT.

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  8. Sequestration means: Auschwitz for American Elderly. More hungry and homeless children. Which means more money to be made by American elites in Sex Trafficking, Child Pornography and Paedophilism. Don’t make innocent.

    We are not fooled by the sequestration of the US military. The media spin on the “cuts” in defense spending is bogus. The US Military-Industrial Complex is one of the most effective wealth reallocation systems ever devised.

    So don’t swallow the LIES (America is Par Excellent in this art of LYING – 68 years of LYING) . When America’s MUSLIM in the WH, or his fellow demons say America wants the people of the world to be free, it means bombs and drones are on the way. America calls such actions America’s “virtues” and American Morons lap it up. Makes them feel good to get feel good news.

  9. A very good example. John Kerry was in Germany recently, was asked by German students to explain his role as a War Monger. Squirming, he told the students the French genocidal colonial war in Algeria as His Example of a JUST WAR: “Go back and read history of the Algerian war and the French. They also understand that if you don’t pay attention to those things up front and early, you pay a bigger price down the road, and that’s what we all need to understand and what we’re trying to do.”
    Message to the world: Brutal Atrocities, Bombing people , infrastructure, buildings, razing the ground with Agent Orange, slaughter of the Innocents is showcase of America’s Virtues. Such are Satan’s men in power in Satan America. Satan demands Blood of the Innocents. Satan America offers , daily. And that, people of the world, is America’s Virtues.

    Research on Algeria and the Dirty War on that nation with a bucket next to you. For your VOMIT!

  10. Sequestration means: Auschwitz for American Elderly.

    Yep, they are always threatening the elderly, here.

    I have to go eat-been gone for many hours.

  11. LIAR: “We dont go from one manufactured crisis to another”
    L I A R

    STOP TALKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. That 0bama is a LIAR, proved so throughout his first presidency. BUT, Amerikaners LOVE LIARS. The Pathological Liar was re-elected. When the Nigger that 154 million psychopathic Americans arselick said “My uncle participated in the liberation of Auswitchz” we knew had a LIAR that spelled DANGER to our part of the world. It was the RUSSIANS that liberated Auswitchz. Was America’s 0bama’s “uncle” IN the Russian Military? Pray do tell us, any one of you 154 million filthy Amerikaners.

    But 0bama does get away with LIES, every time, every day. Why? Because Amerikaners are DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!
    And so he gets away with LIES. Sequestration is a Body of 0bama’s LIES.
    “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed,” Mr. Obama insisted during his presidential debate with Mitt Romney on October 22.
    A LIE. Exposed by Bob Woodword in his book “The Price of Politics” (Sept 2012) . White House aides Jack Lew and Rob Nabors originally outlined the plan for sequestrationTWO YEARS AGO . 0bama signed off on their proposal and then the WH submitted the sequestration proposal to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on July 27, 2011. After that, Congress enacted sequester legislation and Nigger 0bama signed the bill into law that summer.

    America is under attack. From within. And Amerikaners are too DUMB to realise that. So, stop blaming China, Russia, Germany as threats. You destroy yourself very well, Amerikaners.

  13. TRUTH has no place in America. Amerikaners do not want TRUTH. They want LIES. And so they elect/re-elect LIARS. PATHOLOGICAL LIARS. And, that is the TRUTH.

  14. There are little groups Mr. Qv,, that absolutely do love the truth.
    We don’t get heard from!!

    All people must refuse checkpoints! We do where I am from as well. If they ask for your D.I., you must ask them why.

  15. And David Ben Moshe, you are so right about all of this!!
    And that drek in the Wh must love your site, Mj. He said he didn’t ‘manufacture crisis’
    He so lies!

  16. It troubles this old soldier’s heart… that you are all so very troubled…?

    I am filled with enthusiasm…!

    Everyday… a new sun rises…
    Everyday… new snow or rain falls…
    Everyday… a new poem is written…
    Everyday… a new song is sung…

    Is a new day…
    Hugs Hons…!

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