There Are Fake Jews In Sects Of Judaism Just As Their Are Fake Christians in Ranks Of Christians

Today, I had the very unpleasant experience of visiting the blog of a very nice man.   Unfortunately, he has a very judgemental person on his website that seems to want to judge all Jews by some.  This Jew-hater also calls himself “Christian”.   He tells The Mad Jewess she has a heart as black as coal, is a deceiver, and is going to hell.  The Mad Jewess has rejected God, this Jew hater knows ALL about me!! Even more than my own self!

Sadly, on some “Jewish” blogs, they talk the same about Christians-only in reverse.  Christians are ‘evil, cross-wearing fascists that will all die for putting Jews through horrors’. They hate that America is supposed to be a Christian country.. They call themselves “Jews”.     

So, you see what a pickle I can get myself in?  I am caught in the middle of both groups  –all the time.   Sticking up for one, chastising the other, vs versa.. etc..

Because my Mom is a Jew, I am a Jew.  My Dad is a Christian..Therefore, by ‘ethnicity’ standards, I am also Christian.  I embrace both sides of myself to the dismay of BOTH groups… What I believe, personally, is really none of anyone’s damned  business. Unless I choose to converse about it..  I don’t ‘pick and choose’.  I am who I am.   I find that not sharing ‘too’ much, I am at peace with Christians AND Jews.  

My husband is 100% Jewish and he is a semi-observant Jew.  I would not want him to be any other way.  I love my husband to the depths of my soul.  You all know my husband is David Ben Moshe.  Those of you who know me, and have spoken to me, know that there ARE 2 of us..  Many people think The Mad Jewess is a man 😀  I wish.  You really think that if I was a man, I would not have killed every last one of these dirty, rotten, filthy, Commu-NAZI traitors??

……Anyhooo… You can’t be a ‘born again, spirit-filled’ Christian and hate the Jewish people.  You cannot, either, be a Torah-abiding Jew, or a spiritual Jew (like myself) and hate Christian people.  You cannot be a Jew and hate the people of Israel (as the left-wing Jews and Neutari Karta do) OR the alien among you who does RIGHT. (I am not talking about rocket-throwing palis, I am talking about Chinese, etc. who ASSIMILATE to JEWISH Israel)   You cannot be a Christian and hate anyone, either.   By hatred, I mean murderous feelings.  Of course, hating evil is an entirely different thing..I abhor evil..

On the case of “Zionism:”  If one is a Jew, one KNOWS that Zion is mentioned in the Bible, (Torah and Tanakh) well over 200X.  Christians believe that Jesus is the ‘cornerstone of Zion’.   So, both people/s cannot have murderous feelings toward Zion.   I get sick and tired of “Zionist this and Zionist that” – when we all know fully well that it is COMMUNISTS/BOLSHEVIKS/MARXISTS (Jew AND non Jew)   who have hijacked both America AND Israel. NOT Zionists.

At any rate:  Zion is Elohim/GOD’s favorite place on earth, (spiritually, physically, whatever you want).    Jews AND Christians should think seriously hard when they say they are ‘anti-Zion-ist’.  Are you saying you are “anti- Elohim/God??” Jews? Or “Anti-Christ?” Christians?? Both are oxy-morons in my opinion.. True patriotic Zionists in Israel who love H’Shem just want to worship their God.  I am not talking about idiot Bolshevik/Socialist moonbat Jews.

So.. Selah….

We, here, do NOT like the government of Israel.  It’s people, however (IF SANE, aka patriotic, right wing, religious Jews) have 100% of our moral support.  

Here endeth the lesson for today.

35 thoughts on “There Are Fake Jews In Sects Of Judaism Just As Their Are Fake Christians in Ranks Of Christians

  1. I get crap all the time from other “christians” too. Don’t feel bad. I get told I’m trying to pull on people’s fears, when I’m not. I’m just doing what God wants me to do. I’m tired of all these watered down sugar candy coated fake Christians who like to play God and tell other people what they should be doing…and they nit pick… they correct you for doing what God’s Word says to do! They are evil and don’t even realize it.

  2. Lyn, we ought to ‘obey God rather than man!’
    I think so.

    “Pulling on people/s fears’, WARNING is just that!
    Warning them of things to come–you do THAT in LOVE!

  3. Amen sister! And that is exactly what I tell them. I say, “I’m sorry you’re offended, but you need to take it to God because I have to kneel before Him and give account, not YOU!” So many Pharisees and Sadducees who think they are God almighty. People these days sure have a lot of gall to go to a sister or brother and chastise them for being bold and truthful… when they ought to be chastising the ones who are promoting homosexuality and sexual sin, and false doctrine in their watered down hippie Jesus new age churches!

  4. Oh I know, in the Jewish people they TOTALLY promote ‘gay’ marriage, PUKE!
    I have also been to Christian churches that do!
    I dont get it!

  5. I know..what part of all the verses in the Bible that say Homosexuality is a sin do they not get? Add to that, Jesus was Jewish,which meant He upheld the laws of Moses! I guess if you tell them and they want to argue it and get nasty, then we’ve done our part..their blood is not on our hands. Just as long as they know there won’t be any homosexual fun in Hell.

  6. Its not just a sin, it is an ABOMINATION.

    anything abominable; anything greatly disliked or abhorred.
    intense aversion or loathing; detestation: He regarded lying with abomination.
    a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, habit, etc.

    any act regarded as such a transgression, especially a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.

    We are ALL sinners!
    As believers in God, we are NOT abominable nor are we reprobates.
    AND, you are correct; to NOT warn these people–THEIR blood will be required at OUR hands.

  7. You are right. Abominations! I don’t know if you know much about the Nephilim and the sons of God, but after researching it, homosexuality is even more wicked than what most people know. It goes back to the very seed of Satan. This is probably why most homosexuals are so blasphemous and arrogant…and filled with hatred and deception.

  8. about the Nephilim and the sons of God

    YES, evil filthy abominable sickos that were SATANS kids.

    Terrible, this is why they are sons of hell!

    OK, I have to get, I have some buddies coming over. We have a Jewish Christian alliance fellowship-its VERY entertaining!!!
    Debates out the WAZOO!!


  9. I appreciate your compliment; because “nice” is usually associated as something or someone which is “good.”

    Regardless, I hope you will not be “thrown for a loop” by my Moderating actions on my website. I am still feeling my way with that (sometimes) difficult task. I’m encountering new people who wish to offer their 2 cents. After exercising a certain amount of patience and tolerance (of mine) over an undetermined amount of time, I (of course) come to some conclusions as to the sincerity of the commenters and whether it appears they are just being needlessly “difficult” [cantankerous].

    Please see my latest approval of your comments on my website and my response.

    And, please be encouraged. Give yourself a healthy (mental) break from some of the culture’s nasties, and realize that their bigoted nature is par for the course. It is the same old anti-Semitic (clouded) mindset. And, if I might be so bold as to offer you a small piece of my mind’s admonishment – you might want to consider changing that skin cream of yours. Secure some that has a lesser softening effect……..I hope you will be forgiving of me to offer that piece of advice; as it is my nature to never deny anyone my opinion………….Consider yourself one of the lucky ones! LOL!

    Please (especially) note the last several comments of the website article, in which you encountered someone who harshly judged you:

    The German people knew: Holocaust crimes against humanity concentration camp sites still being researched

  10. If you do not feel safe talking to a stranger, then get david to email me ,
    He who walks in the valley of DEATH will feel no evil for thou art with me .,
    The passover is on the 14th day even of the new moon, Sabbath is on the 15th day of the new moon, Both of the first month. the new moon starts the first full day after the conjunction,
    Do I pass the test in order to talk to you, Both.

  11. Read my comment ,
    on the tragic accident in usa ,
    Young jewish couple not long married taking taxi to hospital wife having problems with labour . car crashes into them both die , baby delivered by ceaserian section alive ( boy ) died not long after. Driver and passenger of car that caused deaths run of , police looking for them,
    I have not wrote full story ( it is to saddening ),
    AM I not being sincere with you now.

  12. @TMJ,
    I see that you are being bombarded with idiots on mr bickels site ,namely 1( sherman burrows ) If he was a christian or a persons of religious nature then HE, should read MATHEW 7 ;1-6,
    Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    For what judgement ye judge , ye shall be judged ; and with what measure you mete,
    it shall be measured to you again.
    I do not condone what he has said but I cannotJudge him ,
    I will pray to Yahushua to forgive him ,
    Every body is blinded of the truth , only when you seek the truth do you really understand its meaning,
    Has the Prophetess E G WHITE ,said in her book ,( THE LAST CALL. )
    ” THERE IS MORE OF THE LIGHT TO BE DISCOVERED ” only by reading the gospels will the light showeth it self to you.

  13. You are a nice man, Mr. Bickel–yes, nice meaning good, right-minded, you know the rest.

    But, this has been on my heart for quite some time to write on this subject- too many Jews hate Christians and too many Christians hate Jews, anymore.

    It makes me super sad.

  14. These people/s dont even question WHY Robbie Parker was SMILING!!!
    Terrible people.

  15. Thank you. And, I am gratified that you are taking occasion to calling out the hate-mongers, whether Jewish or “Christian” for their hate-mongering. Nice job!

  16. Actor, Sandy Hook, Robbie Parker’s fakery should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. Those not seeing this is testament to the reality that they are in the tank for big government and Obama’s anus media. When did big government and its kowtowing media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

  17. Yes. The older I become the more I like my name. Later in life I came to realize that it is a Hebrew (Jewish) name. I believe it means, “gift.” So, I tell my wife that there is no need to buy her any presents. She has me everyday……..LOL!

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  19. The Fake Jews are the Pharisees and the Saducees. They have been scheduled for destruction

  20. Ah, twisting Mathew 7: 1-6 — Judge not tht ye be not judged. How so very convenient. Twisting the scripture to cover a multitude of sins that reached the heavens that God had to act.
    Tell me Westerners, shall not the nations the West colonized, meted out atrocities, plundered their nation of its wealth and resources, brutalized its people, murdering at will, should not the people of these nations JUDGE the Filthy West?

    And when the man in cloth no longer teach the Gospels, and labels the Holy Bible as a work of fiction, it is clear that Satan rules in the churches of the decaying West, not God. And yet, we should not judge?
    And, from here we see Mammon rules. Look at your Evangelists. Minting money from the dumb flock. Better still, the so-called holier than thou ‘christians’ have joined the muslims in having the muslim prayer in their church and preaching ChrisIslam. So, we should not judge?

    The Protestant Church has been defiled by the progressives. Little wonder there is a mass exodus from mainline Protestant Christianity. Many Catholics are converting to Islam because of disillusion. The Vatican has a lot to answer for too. In a Western society where women have to look to Islam for spiritual sustenance, there is a deep underlying problem. That problem is NOT being addressed. And with current leadership, it won’t be.

    And we are not to Judge?

    This twisting of the scripture is precisely how Satan deceives. Satan reads the Bible too.

  21. QV: He is talking about another blog. And, yes, a person on that other blog was judging me, most unrighteously. So, he is correct–however, many Christians do not believe that we are supposed to judge.

    I beg to differ, we must judge ALL situations in these evil times.

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  23. A liberal Jew is the only oxymoron. Those who deny the Torah as inspired by God to promote homosexuality and other perverse breaking of G-ds laws.

  24. @Tedjusant Elen G White really? That false prophetess. Obviously that woman and her followers ignored the Letters to Timothy. And Deutoronomy where it mentions about what should be done to false prophets. This woman was teaching men. If that is not causing warning lights to come up you guys need help and need to repent of believing such false teachings.

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