John McCain: Rand Paul’s Filibuster Was A “Political Stunt”. Pot. Kettle. Black. You Commie

John McCain: Rand Paul’s Filibuster Was A “Political Stunt”.  Pot. Kettle. Black. You Commie 

Traitor-RAT, McCain, who bought his way into the Senate in 2010 says this was ‘political stunt?’  This is the slob who backs Obama.  There is no reason, whatsoever, that Americans can trust John McCain. None.  

***Lady Raven believes that Rand Paul will cave on Brennan.

This is what I just told the OLD man, McCain on Twitter:

@SenJohnMcCain @WSJ YOU are a traitorous asshole. That is what you are. You have no guts, so you put down those who do.

Here is McPAINS article:

Must-read @WSJ editorial I cited on Senate floor today: “Rand Paul’s Drone Rant” here

I like what “Sooper Mexican” said about McPAIN:

Ancient relic @SenJohnMccain dined with Obama at ridiculously expensive restaurant while Rand Paul stood to defend our rights#StandwithRand

28 thoughts on “John McCain: Rand Paul’s Filibuster Was A “Political Stunt”. Pot. Kettle. Black. You Commie

  1. John McCain is a sell out, a whore. There should NOW be a movement to start up to vote his ol compromising appeasing dinosaur butt out.

  2. While I agree with everything said about McCain and I’ll add my own words – he TOTALLY disgusts me – I unfortunately believe Paul will “cave” as we like to say on Brennan. See my latest.

  3. John McCain is a COWARD. And a LIAR. He is the True Face of America.
    He almost sank his career showing off when he was in the Navy. His father and grandfather were four star admirals is what kept him in the service. As a POW in Vietnam most of his fellow POWs strongly disliked or even hated him. The Viets should have finished off the filth. He had bombed innocent villagers and when captured by the NVA revealed valuable national security secrets to the enemy. That he became a Senator demonstrates the corruption, the evil tht engulfs America.
    His treatment of his injured first wife was horrible; his second wife’s father’s corrupt money got him his Senate seat. The man is a war whore who does all he can to get Americans placed ‘in harms way’ in war after unnecessary war. He should be euthanized. Better still, kidnap the bastard and leave him somewhere in the Mexico-US border desert without water; even better would be to tie him to a stake and douse him with syrup , throw some Vietnamese fire ants on him, and watch him being eaten alive. Bloody, filthy, evil, murdering bastard.

    The nation America attacked Vietnam on a LIE. And opened the gates of hell for the majority Vietnamese BUDDHISTS. 5 million Vietnamese died. For what, Amerikaners?

    Oh, General Wesley said: Because we can.

  4. McCain is a coward. He is despicable! He doesn’t have the courage to switch political parties. At least former PA Senator, Arlene Specter did that………..

  5. This piece of news is something only the Viets and Buddhists in the East know about, MJ. The Buddhists of Vietnam are unconvertible. They refused to convert to Catholicism. There had been a Jesuit presence in Vietnam for centuries, so it had been decided that a million Buddhists would have to be ‘purged’. On whose orders? Cardinal Spellman’s. He was controlled by Rome’s Jesuits. The ‘purge’ would later continue in Cambodia, and in Laos. In Thailand, the ‘purge’ is continuing. To rid these Buddhists lands of Buddhists. It was a CIA war against Vietnam. From start to finish the Vietnam war was nothing more or less than the act of the Vietnamese nation to re-unify their countries within the same general territories controlled by that nation before the French imperialist invasions and colonization in the late 19th century. Ho Chi Minh’s many overtures and pleas for dialogues were rebuffed by America.

    The good news is the Russians are back in Vietnam. Maybe Russia would help healing the country, bombed by Demonic America on the principle of Kill Anything That Moves. There was only the unilateral bombardment of the land and people by the fantastic array of aircraft assembled by the US in Vietnam. These ranged from the B-52, which laid down a pattern of destruction a mile long and several football fields wide; to fighter bombers capable of dropping, along with much else, 500-pound bombs and canisters of napalm; to the reconfigured DC-3 equipped with a cannon capable of firing 100 rounds per second; to the ubiquitous fleets of helicopters, large and small, that crowded the skies.
    All this was abetted by continuous artillery fire into “free-fire” zones and naval bombardment from ships just off the coast. Vietnam had NO assets in the air.
    Whole villages were gunned down. Women, children, babies, the elderly were murdered. And the American press LIED about the “bravery” of COWARDS!
    So the FUCK we care about America’s POWS. Your very own Kissinger said in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye” that US military men are Dumb Animals to be used as pawns in America’s foreign policy. American parents are stupid they allow their offsprings to enlist in the Demonic Military. And the US elites ensure that the only jobs available is in the Military. Dumb people deserve to be conned to death.

    When DUMB Americans write the Jewish Lobby, it means the JESUIT Lobby. There is no Jewish Lobby that determines the atrocities of nations by america. There is the Arab Lobby and the Jesuit Lobby working hand in hand to invade, murder, and plunder at will. But Jews get the blame. As always. As usual.

  6. Remember, the TRAITORS McCain and Lindsey Graham were the two Co-sponsors the the N.D.A.A. and sections 1020 and 1021 giving sotero the authorization to void the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments… THEY SHOULD BE SHOT FOR TREASON… PERIOD…

  7. roymcdade, I am a BUDDHIST.

    Vietnam fought two wars of resistance from 1945 to 1954 and from 1954 to 1975. Vietnam WON on sheer WILL power. The french and the Americans left with their tails between their legs. The WILL of these demonic nations were REMOVED by God.

    Afghanistan is the festering, pus oozing sore of WILL removed by God. America can’t defeat tribesmen fighting in slippers! So much for the title ‘only superpower’ in the world. My Arse!

  8. QV, This country is so full of progressives and Communists that it will NEVER be saved or returned to the Great Nation it ONCE WAS without at Least Thowing out each and every one of these TRAITORS…

  9. Juan Mccain and his rumpranger Lindsey fagboy are almost as useless and worthless as that fat sack of shit in the people’s republik of New Jersey Christie Creme the Stay-Puff marshmallow man who couldn’t wait to ballwash Hussein the Halfbreed so he could get some of that uncle sugar money.

  10. It is reported he destroyed 3 U.S. fighter jets before the mission when he crashed and was captured. These previous events should have ended his service as a pilot. It was only his connections that kept him in flight. But America being America — McCain is a “darling” of the Beltway press. No matter what ignorant views he holds and states, he is given a major public forum on mainstream TV. What a travesty of the airwaves! My father heard some of the shit on cable. years ago.

    Unfortunately, the GOP don’t have the balls to bring this up. Do the GOP ever have balls? Do they? Really?

  11. Besides being a sub-average pilot, his case is a shining example of just how politically corrupt and willing to accept inferior people into jobs of importance. Both parties are guilty of Mediocrity and wear these same cloaks of greed, corruption and total disregard for the people’s needs… It is LONG OVERDO to fire all these parasites and replace them with people of Honor…. If there are any remaining….

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  13. Senator John McCain is many things including a courtious man. Rand Paul is alreadyactively destroying his presidential bid in 2016. He went on and on for thirteen hours to stop a vote by the full senate to confirm John O. Brennan as the Director of the CIA. State your reason and sit your ass down. Why you may ask? This is not Jay Leno or David Letterman. He truely believe that America is considered a battlefield. Obama will probaby get around to you. At three thirty in the morning, your home and only a few of your neighbors (since he is such a good Muslim from the evil nation of Indonesia) will be attacked by no more than two predator drones. At a meeting at the trade magazine the New Republic he let these seasoned jounalists examine a few of his pearls of wisdom. The man thinks that all American troop should be removed from Afganasan no later than 2:30 pm on his favori holiday which just happens to be Jewish holiday. Hold on to your pants. Its more important than his mother’s birthday. Yes you win the prize. It’s April Fools Day. I only know a few things about the aformentioned New Republic. It is no rag. I am a progresive. I would most likey say that is a respectable magazine with good editorial standards. Those ideas lack something called a sense of reality. That man has just blown two holes in his flag ship. This is by no means unique in America’s history. If you look into George McClellan, General Douglas McArther, Senator Joeseph McCarthy, Senator Berry Goldwater (one of my favorites) Senator John Mcain and the always amusing (and usually worth the price of admision) Govenor Sara Palin. And of course we should always include in thishall of shame Govenor Mitt Romney and his amusing side kick the boy wonder Reresentative Paul Ryan. And add this to this managie: Karl Rove and The Eigth Justifiers of Rape. The last act always gets the Republican out of Touch with the change of American Demographics. There is aways these constent factors in America: Gradual and quick changes. Abraham Lincoln was a man of great wisdom. He could encapsulate so much in simple and understandable words. This is a real gem: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. As a great bard once wrote: Goodnight sweet prince.

  14. ‘I am a progresive’ you say….

    First of all.. You COMMUNISTS are supposed to be smart. Anytime you come here, however, you can’t spell. So, you look like idiots.

    The “New Republic” is a Marxist/Commie rag, intent on taking down my once nice nation (the USA). Period.

    The “Progressive” movement was started originally in the late 1800’s. It dwindled out. Then Woodrow Wilson came along and rehab’d it. It went into hiding after Joe McCarthy exposed it.

    David Horowitz, a centrist/Conservative exposed it again, in the book, the “Radical Son”. Progressive is just a ‘nice’ name for COMMUNIST.
    Progressives ARE Communists.

    Afghanistan? Why is it that you COMMIES are totally unaware of what is happening under Obama? Why?
    What is the excuse for the ignorance?
    NO outrage from you animals regarding over 220 DEAD and MURDERED CHILDREN in Yemen? Pakistan? The arms OBAMA the fucking MUSLIM sends to Syria to help fund the radical Jihad there? Behgnazi? Libyan spring? Egypt? ALL failures that put DICTATORS in charge.
    Good gracious… Fuck off already..

    If Bad borders Bush had done this, it would be on the front page, everyday.

    So there it is; New Republic reports NONE of this. And you don’t care.
    TYPICAL Amerikaner Left wing slime.
    Protecting your totalitarian bastard, Obama.

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