Why Do Sheriff’s & Police Dept’s Have Military Tanks? Doesn’t Anyone Even Question This?

Why Do Sheriff’s & Police Dept’s Have Tanks? Doesn’t Anyone Even Question This?

The left-wing used to question things like this (Or, at least I mean the ‘liberals’) Why do they not question this, anymore?  I have never heard of a P.D. and a Sheriff’s Department needing military tanks like this.  Does this not scare you?  They want to take our guns and leave us with govt tanks??  Why?  

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This is why:

“What are we headed to?” Asked Candace Garrett Daly, a Cobb County resident. “Whatever it is seems to be already in motion at a breakneck speed. The police are preparing for an enemy. My question is, ‘Who is the enemy?”

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  1. This build-up of Military might in our country is becoming more obvious everyday. Very scary. Where are all the directives for this coming from?

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    In my youth, if one of us did not wake up/get out of bed after being told so many times, Mama had NO problem dumping a full glass of water on our heads. Which is what we are TRYING to do. Unfortunately, based on some e-mail I get, libs just see what we write, videos and pictures we produce as waterboarding. No. They don’t question.

  3. @TMJ,
    Its an APC ,
    for carring troops aprox 8-10 armed troops,
    I trained with them in the British Army,
    They can fix a light machine gun on the top passenger seat next to driver,through a ring lift lid in roof above drivers front seats.
    This one you can see the lid open but in the middle of the APC,
    Some can have mortar attachments on the front wings facing forward in the position of 10.0 clock and 2.0 clock ,
    If that is the metal track type it will travel about 40-50 miles per hour ,BUT ONE DOWN FALL, because it is metal track ,it will cut into the road surface if the road is of tarmac and slow it down on corners. But open land no,problem.
    In the UK the metal track ones are not allowed on the roads because of this fault. we used the padded type on roads, ( a very hard rubber square pieces of material is bolted all along the track ,)
    You will not stop this with a shotgun or hand grenade .
    Armoured piercing bullets a maybe, 40MM AP sniper could stop driver only thruogh the reinforced window slit.
    If this is to much info , its all right you can get it from any library in UK .

  4. For five decades, Americans have done this. Head. Sand. Bury.
    Too late. Now Amerikaners will get a taste of what their nation has done to sovereign countries. Keep singing god-satan bless America, dumbos.

  5. And this is what I think of the article in the conservativemonster.

    The article castigates Rand Paul for not mentioning socialism or communism in his marathon speech. The author does not touch on the more important: that America elected TWO Communist Presidents, nor the reasons why Amerikaners chose Communism over Conservatives. America is a socialist state as much as Europe is. Today, America is Communist. The brilliant communist Bill Clinton did a good job of laying the foundation. The ruthless 0bama completes the job. 154 million Amerikaners had the final say: They want Communism to rule America.

    Rand Paul did not want John Brennan to be nominated. Brennan is an ISLAMOFASCIST. More dangerous than Communism. With socialism and communism, you can jaw jaw. With Islamofascism you are on your knees waiting to be beheaded. The list is endless — from handing your month old baby girl to be raped, to being derogatorily humiliated by muslims. Every hour. Every day. We know Americans are stupid, but not that stupid they can’t discern.

    Out here, we would have put Rand Paul to the task of explaining his absence of mentioning socialism or communism. And taken to the streets to filibuster an Islamofascist. America Arselicks Muslims and Islamofascism. Friggin’ fact. Live with it.

    BTW, the GOP is DEAD! Americans want slavery.

  6. I sidelined mention of drones which was the main theme of Rand Paul’s marathon speech. I was fixated on Islamofascism. Out here we can feel the winds of 0bama/Brennan CIA-Islamofascism coming. My part of the world, that is Asia, is already having hundreds dead caused by oh so democracy, human rights, EVIL America, Satan’s murderers at work. Ask the Afghans and the Pakis. And ask why the Shiites in Quetta are being singled out for massacre. America arselicks Saudi Arabia and must do what their Saudi Anus in Worship orders. Saudi Arabia is Wahhabist. The Nigger stenching America’s WH is a Rabid Wahhabist.
    Paul’s question about Obama’s authority to kill US citizens doesn’t deserve an answer, Graham said. “I find the question offensive,” Sen. Graham said. “I do not believe that question deserves an answer.” WHY was this not covered in the article? Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) rose in the Senate to lambaste Senator Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster opposing extra-judicial assassinations of American citizens in the drone war. Why did the author not focus on this? Does he agree with the DHS and with the two Satanic senators that the Nigger Terrorist, grandson of a convicted and executed Terrorist, have the right to Murder Americans at will? On America’s soil, and elsewhere? We would not care if an American living in the East is droned. We would care, very much, if the drone takes out some of our innocent people.

    We read of reports in our op-eds that tens of thousands of domestic drones are already in use nationwide. With more to come. Why did the author of the article not address this? Is he compliant with the DHS that Americans should be under serveil and droned?

  7. QV:
    I have known The Conservative Monster (Steve Cooper) for many years. I was on the radio with him, he was NO fan of Clinton, either.

  8. I dont think we will be taken over by Islamo insanity, QV–these people are Commmies, they took over in 2008 when Obama got elected.

    Thats why there is no media that reports anything

  9. MJ, I do not indulge in tea and crumpets. An article should be read, digested, and where necessary, questions should be asked. It does not matter if Rand Paul is a faux. He had the guts to stand up and be counted. Your friend Steve has yet to provide anyone of that calibre who would stand up for Americans. It is precisely, in my view, from this part of the world, that all that is wrong with America stems from disparaging anyone who would take KNOWN Traitors to task. That is my bile.

    China IS communist. BUT, China does not go making the entire world, nor consider the entire world a BATTLEFIELD. Look at China’s approach in Latin America and in Africa. Then, compare it with FUKUS. Who’s the fucking Commie? FUKUS.

  10. Rand Paul did SOMETHING and I agree with that.
    But, Steve is right about him not calling these animals what thet are;

  11. Oh yeah. Rand Paul calls ’em scum traitors commies and gets incarcerated. We’d go with Ran Paul’s tactics out here. We follow Sun Tzu’s art of war. Know when to strike. Know when to call your enemy to face. He stands alone. He stood alone then. He stands alone now. Why? Because it is clear Americans WANT Communism. They elected a Communist to be potus twice. They elected another Communist, this time a Nigger for better flavour, twice.

  12. Well, QV, we’ll wait n see.

    The SPLC named The Conservative Monster (Steve Cooper) a “Hate site”

    Steve just does not trust anyone, QV.

    I think what Rand Paul did was great.

  13. Since my comments, I have rec’d emails from some of my friends urging me to write analytically. So, here goes. Asian minds think differently from Western brains. And Vive la difference’. We have a penchant for reading, digesting, analyzing, dissecting important news.

    First, what was the filibuster about? Was it about commies? NO. Since 2008 America has had Commies in the 0bama regime. Accepted. Nice and dandy. 0bama had the Commie Bonnie & Clyde – William Ayers and Bernadette Dohn on his team. No one took to the streets. A little noise, here and there. Bill Clinton got rid of 88 Americans who dared criticize him and who would see to his end. Rand Paul must have been aware of that when he took the stand on the floor.

    Next, we had the drone murdered American born Awlaki . Americans were happy. Friggin’ muslim terrorist . We read it as 0bama can kill anyone he wants to. The due-process-free assassination of US citizens is now reality. No big hulaballoo. After all, didn’t Americans kill president John F Kennedy. And please, bury the lies about Lee Harvey Oswald being the lone gun man. Bad, sick joke.

    So, Rand Paul’s filibuster was about the drone policy. He said: “I wanted everybody to know that our Constitution is precious and that no American should be killed by a drone without first being charged with a crime. As Americans, we have fought long and hard for the Bill of Rights. The idea that no person shall be held without due process, and that no person shall be held for a capital offense without being indicted, is a founding American principle and a basic right.”

    Those words should have been pounced upon, elaborated, emphasized, broadcasted and repeated ad infinitum to every American, far and near. But what do we get? Frivolous tea and crumpets , crumbs.

    So, what exactly did Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster achieve? HE GOT THE OBAMA REGIME TO COMMIT A 180 TURN ON THEIR SATANIC DRONE POLICY. He got the pre-filibuster slime Eric Holder who was playing coy and saying he thought 0bama did have legal authority to order a drone strike against American citizens without due process. The next day, the two Niggers, America’s darlings of the 154 million dungheads that elected the scum into office were forced to reverse themselves and issue a firm ‘NO’ on the matter.

    The article criticized Rand Paul but gave a Free Pass to the slimey traitor turds in the persons of John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

    And I, stand with Rand Paul. It shows what One Man can do to call attention to a hugely important issue that nonetheless is largley ignored by the MSM whores and the political establishment. Including dumb Americans.

    As the good Rabbi Hillel said: IF THERE IS NO MAN, BE THAT MAN. Rand Paul proved he is that man.

    Americans do not like Man/Men?

  14. Qv:

    People are expecting the MOON.
    And America is just totally brainwashed.

    So, they cant really expect Rand Paul to just hit on the “You’re a Commie” issue.

  15. Oh, and QV, thats wonderful you have friends emailing you, please tell them METTA from me!!!
    Please also inform them that I have Carpal tunnel and its really hard to write long responses.

    You know on almost every issue, we are on the same page.

  16. I said, a long time ago, we are of like mind.

    My friends, two are Buddhists, return loving kindness metta to you. I roped them in for meditation and prayers when you went for your operation. And we synchronised our timing in the 24 hour meditation, chanting of the sutras when you were in a somewhat danger state after the op. In the temple. Different countries. But being Buddhists we make such coordination possible .

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