Songs Of The Tears…

Songs of the tears (Digi-Art) by P. AsheDina, TMJ © 2013

The tears we shed are bottled-up, ready to be poured out like the dew-drops in the morning.. ever so softly upon the light in our hearts..Eternity supreme..

Hello all… Isn’t that the Glory of Love..?  This song below is from David Ben Moshe who LOVE Doo-Wop to the max!


The Mad Jewess
David Ben Moshe

7 thoughts on “Songs Of The Tears…

  1. The population of INDIA & CHAD are shedding BUCKETS of tears. why? Because America has so many mass murderers.

    48,000 children in India paralysed by Bill Gates polio vaccine
    Bill Gates waffles in reply to a journalist’s question quoting 48,000 Indian children paralysed. He doesn’t deny the figure.

    ‘Is the vaccination programme in fact a eugenics program?’ – he is asked.

    He explains how he believes in withdrawing care from old people as it’s too expensive, and he prefers to fund education, and vaccination instead. Hello Liverpool Care Pathway.

    The vaccines he distributes have also been shown to be causing the very diseases they are intended to prevent. Richard Branson and Ewen McGregor are publicly supporting his campaign, resulting in mass paralysis of children in India and Chad.

    The human abattoir is run by smiling, nice-looking people saying very nice words.


  2. Ah, I see NO comments from amerkikaners who would blast me for writing about the ugly America that produces Mass Murderers.

    Head. Sand. Bury. Amerikaners policy.

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  4. Where is Paula who said I am not to talk about America? Where are those Amerikaners who castigate me for writing of the Dark, Evil America? Is it others die OK, or is it the Silence of COWARDS?

  5. Sorry, QV!!
    You know my hand is killing me cuz of Obama, but you and I are on the same wave-length so its KOSHER!


  6. Try this version of Glory of Love by Big Bill Broonzy:

    See if don’t warm your heart like it does mine.

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