‘The Jewish Question’~Another Jew-Hating Article In The NY Slimes, Written By A “Jew”..Too Predictable.

This is very predictable from many American Leftist ‘Jews’. They chomp at the bit to throw their own people under the bus–all over the world, not just Israel. A traitor like this can never be trusted. If he throws his own under the bus, he will stop at nothing to back-stab you, too..

 Whaah, booh hoo, please don’t call me a Jew-hater even though he is one… Joe Levine.. pathetic pig.. Boo hoo, whahh, whahh, cry, nag, whine.  Pweez don’t call me an anti-semite.  I won’t, you schmuck.  You’re a NAZI, Jew-hating, ERAV RAV, piece of SHIT.  

Your article PROVES that your Marxist crap is first.  Marxist-Firster.  You’re in good company, moron.. David Duke agrees with you. Yeah, now you had your free speech.. Happy yet?  Nope.  Leftists and their allies, neo-Nazis are NEVER happy.  This animal does not live in Israel, but wants to dictate it’s policies. The Arabs can have ALL of the land around Israel, but the JEWS are not allowed to have ONE damned state.. It’s really unbelievable.  300 mil Arabs-Muslims, YES.  7 mil Jews: NO!

 Why doesn’t the jerk-off go die. “Chutzpah?”  No. Treachery? Yes.

He even named the article:

‘On Questioning the Jewish State….’

(the f*cking gall of this bastard.)

I conclude, then, that the very idea of a Jewish state is undemocratic, a violation of the self-determination rights of its non-Jewish citizens, and therefore morally problematic. But the harm doesn’t stop with the inherently undemocratic character of the state.

Question this, Levine, you asshole:

Psalms 129:5  Let them be ashamed and turned backward, all they that hate Zion.

9 thoughts on “‘The Jewish Question’~Another Jew-Hating Article In The NY Slimes, Written By A “Jew”..Too Predictable.

  1. WTH??? What is with these jerks? Have they no brains? They think if they side with islam they will be spared? WRONG!! Don’t they know they would be murdered too? Apparently NOT! People that this schmuck make me a shamed that I “share” a religion with them!

  2. The question asked should be: HOW MUCH DID THE MUSLIM MAFIA INC PAY THIS SLUG? He is not a Jew. Definitely not. He is the muslim’s plague. He is easily refuted. By history. who’s prepared to do the task of informing readers on this blog a rebuttal?

  3. Start with the Balfour Agreement, and the 1922 Mandate for Palestine.
    anyone ready to do the necessary? Amerikaners praise themselves to be oh so civilised, oh so educated, oh so righteous. Here’s the opportunity, people. I challenge you, Amerikaners.

  4. Sorry, QV, guests, tele, you name it. I will be back tomorrow afternoon.
    Big gig in the AM.

    Shalom, Metta, also to MH and your friends.

  5. While the Mad Jewess has highlighted the ranting of a traitor who shamelessly calls himself a ‘jew’ (is he still one, or has he converted to satan’s doctrine – islam – no, you will not be able to physically determine so – both have the foreskin cut off ). That is not the point. While Paula defends her America from anyone daring to expose its satanic evil, she has no words to Defend the Right of Israel as a sovereign nation.

    The Levine swine is in good company of Thomas Friedman (is the NYT – the Rabid Jew hating Whores that arselicks muslims for $$$$ tired of Tommy?) and Naom Chomsky – beware of academia . These sorry excuse for a human all suffer from internal loathing. They did not have sufficient time at their mother’s breast. Their actions loudly proclaim so. Their self-hatred, and total lack of self-respect is caused by their childhood tendency to run to mama to fight their battles .

    According to Levine’s racist belief, “native species” originate in a certain place and that is where they “belong.” So, what the fuck is he doing in the US? He certainly does not ‘belong’. Therefore , he should resign and move to his beloved ‘palestine’. Preferably the Gaza. He would be welcomed, appropriately.

    This paid for by Muslim Mafia Inc Whore Joseph Levine has no right to exist. In my part of the world either he would be hounded to suicide, or a fatal ‘accident’ would have cleansed our patch of earth.

    Here are the two experts on the jurisprudence of why Israel DOES have a right to exist as a Jewish state: Prof. Eugene Kontorovitz, Professor of Law, Northwestern University and Prof Luis Beres, Purdue University. Go on their websites and read for yourself.

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