Greeks Are Very Sick Of Muslim-Illegals In Greece & Want To Turn Them Into Soap

Greeks Are Very Sick Of Muslim-Illegals In Greece & Want To Turn Them Into Soap

I don’t ‘like’ what he’s saying, at all.. But, believe you, me, I understand the rage having lived in a sanctuary city for illegal occupiers. Greece is BROKE.  How can they pay for these cancerous Muslims?  It’s brown supremacy, & leftist supremacy–illegals believe they are entitled to our money because the left says so.  Illegals drain society. We already have our own elderly & handicapped.  BHO and the GOP cohorts want to allow 50 million-trillion, illegal slime into our borders and make the US tax-payer foot the bill.   Stop the illegal invasion.

This is why comments like this are made:  Greeks are SICK of illegals

Left-wingers push nations into insanity. To war, to civil war, race war.  The left in Greece have SCREWED UP Greece, 6 ways to Sunday.  And, its coming to AmeriKa.  Left-wingers push righteous, right-minded people into fierce nationalism.  You should fear…’liberals’.  You created this shit.


6 thoughts on “Greeks Are Very Sick Of Muslim-Illegals In Greece & Want To Turn Them Into Soap

  1. All muslims should be turned into soap. They are of no use to mankind. Since the 7th century. Any arguments?

  2. Leftists should be turned into soap, too. They are the plague of the world.
    And all the elites and their inbred descendants. These three have much in common: savages that destroy mankind and feed on their innocent blood.

  3. I forgot to add. Before executing the muslims, they should be showered in PIGS blood, offal, intestines, shit, urine. No eternal erection to deflower 72 virgins. FUCKING SEX MANIACS. PRODUCTS OF RAPE.

  4. See how the LEFT has screwed up Greece and ENABLED the Jihad, Qv?

    The LEFT is the problem. The LEFT (sons of satan) are the ones that enable these radical Islamos.

  5. Leftists love to watch young babies, toddler, prepubescent girls and women RAPED. Gives them one big thrill. Look at the FILTHY Leftists in every Western government. They’ve got their Cock and Cunt into human and animal. The leftist idea of heaven is bend down doggy fashion . have the arse rammed by a cock while sucking on a cunt. That’s why they collaborate with muslims. Both share the same perversion. The same evil for paedophilism. Every western leader, includng the Royal Houses are PAEDOPHILES, RAPISTS, SATANIC RITUAL MURDERERS. Challenge anyone to deny this.

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