Ovaries In Overtime: Diane Ugly-Stein Vs. Sen Ted Cruz

Uglystein: The ovarian-office, snot-nosed, bitch is in militant behavior today.  Just watch this nasty wench snap at Sen Cruz.. It’s totally typical for the leftist women to want to disarm us. Feminists want to RULE men. Why does a nice man who is American have to answer to this Bolshevik hag.  She sounds like a spoiled, rotten, little brat who just got her period for the 1st time. Men have bled the ground for this witch.  

Go back to the kitchen….broad.


5 thoughts on “Ovaries In Overtime: Diane Ugly-Stein Vs. Sen Ted Cruz

    Her slanted eyes are a give away,
    Just watch her cheek bones alter , and when she turn to her left look then at her right cheek bone its bigger than the left one ?
    slither, slither, slither, look for the snail trail on the floor.

  2. You say this because you are a feminist supremacist. You have amounted to nothing in your small, mundane life. Just as Ugly-Stein has amounted to zero. All any sane person has to do, is look at Calif to see what a total fuck-up Feinstein is.

    Move to CA, little lady; this way you will live in a state that is disarmed. You will be at the hands of the Meztizos you worship. They will rape and sodomize you–this will not bother you since leftists LOVE brutal, anal-sex.

    I will laugh my ass off as you march to Komrade Feinsteins gulags.

  3. When I heard this on TV getting ready for work not knowing who was even talking I screamed out answer the question C word. My husband was cracking up. As usual these arrogant jerks that work for us can never even answer a simple question. It is exhausting.

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