Wow, Bill O’Reilly Grew A Pair Last Night. Says ‘Obama Keeps his Records From Public View’

Wow, Bill O’Reilly Grew A Pair Last Night. Says ‘Obama Keeps his Records From Public View’

Well, kudos for this statement, Bill.  ‘Bout time you stopped calling ‘birthers’ (slander name from Commies against Americans who wanted to know WHO the hell our next prez was going to be) crazy and fessed up.  It only took you FIVE years.

I think Mr. O’Reilly reads my humble website:  Message To Hannity & O’Reilly.  Just remember.. I am getting paid to do YOUR job.  I get zero, O’Reilly.. You make  millions every year.  For ME to put your ass in line.  Some nerve.. I should be doing your job and you should be sitting here. 

Video hat tip: Bill O’Reilly Finally Admits Obama Keeping His College Records From Public View

By the way, O’Reilly… its not you who is ‘looking out for the folks…’


10 thoughts on “Wow, Bill O’Reilly Grew A Pair Last Night. Says ‘Obama Keeps his Records From Public View’

  1. I regularly overestimate people, but in this case, 0’Pinhead is just 0’pinhead…none of the enemy of my enemy stuff applies here for me…nuff said!


    Dick G

  2. So how many homeless shelters have you volentered at? How much blood have you given? How many starving families have you fed, and how many orphaned children have you given a home?

  3. I think your problem is how you vastly overestimate how important you are. How many people read your blog? How many people have you gotten to see your way of thinking? You act like you’re America’s crusading heroine. You’ve done nothing.

  4. Lots of people read this site.

    Still NO answer to the q’s:

    OK, Jack…

    You pretend to take up the cause for Muslims. Which you do lie. If you really took up for them, why are you not outraged over the mass slaughter of CHILDREN that OBAMA has brought to Yemen and Paki with his drones???? Wheres the outrage??

    A List Of Children Killed By Drone Strikes In Pakistan and Yemen

    I see the outrage is only there if a Bush (fick him, too) is in office.

    Obama=good. Bush=No good.

    That is typical of the leftist mantra, though.. We must kiss totalitarian ass, right? No need to answer, we already know.

    I watch you filth on the news at times. You are shameless pigs. Constantly barraging nice Americans to thrust through your NAZI gun control bills, laws, soda-jacking, war mongering, murdering babies and forcing good people to accept anal sexos marrying in churches & synagogues. Even though you KNOW that homo-sex is an abomination in both the Torah and the New Testament.

    You have no ‘gender’, because there is ‘gender equality’… Girls are not girls, nor are boys, boys in the mind of the lunatic leftist. EXCEPT when it is 2 women fist-bumping or 2 men ram-rodding each-other–THEN, and only then is there a ‘gender’ difference..

    Shall we move on to your own NAZI ways?
    In our opinions here, there is NO difference in you assholes naming conservatives (the SPLC bogus ‘hate map) ‘enemies of the state’ to the 3rd reich naming all Jews ‘enemies of the state’.

    Your OUTRAGEOUS racial baiting is reprehensible.

    It is downright disgusting. A white woman raped by a black is ‘no big deal’ in the mind of a far leftist because a white deserves it because of some shit that happened in 1861 and 1963.. You must punish America NOW for what happened THEN (Even though most Americans ancestors and relatives were not yet here.)

    You Commu-NAZI freaks are oppressors to the max. DEMANDING that revolutionary, violent Mexicans are allowed FULL access to what WE paid for. Why do you assholes do this to American people (liberal AND conservative?) Why? Because it is in your agenda to destroy so that you can bring about the whole satanic new order, the NWO, the anti Christ, etc.. You are evil, reprobates.

    You want women to put away their guns and ‘whistle’ at a rapist, ‘pen a rapist’, ‘use humor’ at a rapist. But, shoot a vile racist? *NEVER*.
    Constantly, you take up for the oppressor.
    PROOF of this sickness:

    You are ficking oppressive bastards….YOU come here to ‘demand’ answers?

    Go die.
    Go back to Media Matters and serve satan there.

    We are sick of you filth–EVERY nation, tribe, people and, yes… even Muslims cant take your shit anymore.

  5. O’Reilly is one of the most arrogant people in the media. Few people are more arrogant and narcissistic than O’Reilly. I can think of only one person now, and that is our White House occupier. Comparing O’Reilly with Obama is not a stretch.They also have the commonality of being holier-than-thou………..

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