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UPDATE, March 25: Reports From Syria Say “Assad Is Alive” ~ “Opposition” Leader May Have Resigned

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Update from Pat Dollard: Syrian Rebels To Hold Unusual, Immediate Meeting

March 25, 2013 Update: Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) has woken from the dead:

Rand Paul Was Right… US Was Sending Weapons to Syrian Rebels Through Turkey (Video)

I crossed it out.  Just because Rand Paul is right does not mean I am wrong, Mr. Hoft.  Pffffttttt.

Mr. Hoft:  When was Assad a ‘tyrant’ before Obama’s SNAFU in Syria?  You have said NOTHING about Christians in Syria (close to over 30K) that have FLED because of the Syrian rebels, who you seem to be on the same side of.  When did you even hear about Syria before, Mr. Hoft?  You didn’t.  Obama has destroyed yet ANOTHER country and no remorse from Neo-Cons like Hoft.  None. They are with Obama when it comes to unseating leaders of countries. Even helping assist in murdering leaders, like Gaddafi- something against US law.  

I am ashamed of you, Mr. Hoft.  Disgusting.  Siding with these Islamo-rebels over Christians & Catholics, plus a government that was once stable.  This now means that the Muslim brotherhood may take over.  Assad may have been tough, but Islamic fundamentals need a strong arm in charge.  This puts Israel in a terrible place.  And, Obama probably told Netanyahu;  “Hurt Syria and I won’t bother your settlement process”.  Israel probably believed this moron and he will turn on Israel very soon.  He’s a Muslim a Marxist and a damned devil.

 BREAKING: Assad Shot By Bodyguard – Hospitalized in Damascus