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MOTHERS MUST SEE-Sick Filth: “Glamour” Magazine Pushing ANAL-SEX On Your Teenage Girls

This was in the March 2013 issue. I can’t stand it anymore.  This makes me sick.  Read this article.  It’s totally disgusting.  It’s bad enough that they push this ‘experiment with your body, young girls’..But, now they make anal-sex into something ‘sexy’.  Its not sexy.  It is abhorrent.  There is NO innocence anymore.

AmeriKa is a sick, depraved, slutty, faggy, whorey, trashy country.  Our young boys turn into Mary’s and our young girls turn into depraved, wanton, anal-sex WHORES.  I hope you mothers throw this trash out and never allow it in the home.

(And you bigger bloggers..IF you use this, you LINK me.  You hear? Same way I link you idiots)

Of course this is just ‘gone’.  Just like that, poof…