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Ethnicity course  in Sephardim Jews-101 on Pesach March 2013

Sephardic Israeli/Jewish entertainer that sings Ladino music all over the east Yasmin Levy – a lady of peace. Is not as vocal about politics as I.  

‘Funny, ya don’t look Jewish…’

Is something the Sephardic clan hears much of the time..  I would beg to differ that many Jews I’ve met don’t look Hebrew.

If you know me, you know I am a Sephardic, Portuguese, Jewess by my Mom (Seneca/Iroquois by my father).  The Sephardic Jews (Mainly Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) are beautiful people. (Yes, I am a good looking lady for 48 y.o.)  Many of us Sephardim originated from the Holy Land.  Many, if not most Sephardim can track our DNA to Israel and we are Hebrew/Israeli or rooted in Lebanon.  (My friend (Sephardic) has his DNA tracked to Lebanon)

We (most, no not all) are a very spiritual people.  Close to God.  I am not saying this out of conceit. True, there are always idiots in every group of people.   My Mother is very spiritual and can sense things happening way before they actually happen, being prompted by God, (I believe).  Ditto my Nana and my Great grandmother.  Many of us have very dark, bright, hazel eyes with massivo eyebrows. Smaller noses.  Very dark, black or black/brown hair..  A hairy lot. Our attributes as Sephardics are:  loyalty, patriotism, kindness & fighting spirit.  We are not usually tall, either.  We have a tendency to be muscular and unfortunately, if not careful–have a tendency to get ‘fat’.  We don’t usually live very long.  Many dying at 75-80 years old. We have ferocious tempers and are a very passionate people.

I say “Forgotten people” because so many of us were forced to be Catholic, while hiding our Torah and Judaism from the world because of the Spanish Inquisition.  We lost our identity.  I am from a family who totally lost their identity through the ages.  We had to HIDE who we were.  Which is why we are called “Crypto”, because in order to survive, we assimilated, but didn’t assimilate (religiously speaking).  Becoming Catholics: our lives were centered around Christendom & Catholicism-but we kept our Jewish traditions hidden, hence, “Crypto”.   I, personally, am very Christian-oriented as well as Jewish-oriented.  This does not sit well with many ‘Liberal’ Jews in America, but that’s too bad.  I don’t give a damn if they like me or not.  My people have a painful history and we LOVE God.  Many Sephardics are devoted TO the God, of the Bible, not Luciferian-liberalism.

There are very few of us Sephardics in America.  If you find a nice one, one…Hug em. They are swell people.  We are often persecuted by left-wing Jewish morons or ‘holier than thou’ nasty, uber, religious Jews for not being “Jewy” enough..  But we Sephardim love our HaShem, God and fear evil.  That’s all that really counts.

It’s IN us to seek to do well- because, after all, we are Hebrews. So, a happy Pesach to my fellow Sephardim brothers and sisters.  

In Memorial to my rambunctious Portugee-Jew Nana:

cccYes, we are spiritual Zionists, not the political type. Because God IS Zion.  God can take care of Israel if he relies on HIM, completely and not the nations.

More on Yasmin Levy (beautiful Israeli/Sephardic songstress)

Yasmin Levy is only 34 years old, but she carries with her a 500-year-old sadness rooted in expulsion and exile. The Jerusalem-born singer, who traces her background to the Jews who fled Spain over five centuries ago, has made it her cause to recast and transmit the disappearing musical legacy of the language they took with them—Ladino.

Roots in America since the beginning:

Most of the early Jewish settlers of North America were Sephardic. The first Jewish congregation in North America, Shearith Israel, founded in what is now New York in 1684, was Sephardic and is still active. Philadelphia’s first Jewish congregation, Congregation Mikveh Israel, founded in 1740, was also a Sephardic one, and is also still active. Historically, Sephardic Jews have been more integrated into the local non-Jewish culture than Ashkenazic Jews.