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Back 2 the 80's............!

 “Back 2 the 80’s” Digi-art, photo-manipulation.

By TMJ, P. AsheDina  © 2013

Yes, I miss the 1980’s.  It was a FUN time.  We danced, sang & dressed funky.  It was an upbeat time where people actually liked each-other and the left-wing jerks were quiet up until about 1989.   The music was not ‘great’, but it was a blast to listen to.  People were patriotic, then.  And, we didn’t have some pos, liberal, loser scolding us for liking our country.  NO, Reagan was not perfect, but at least he was patriotic.  

Alas, we only have memories, now.  The leftists have destroyed our once great nation.  Looking back is the only thing we possess.  Because “Forward” is  desolation, paganistic-fascism and intolerance of American patriotism and the rabid, leftist, lunatic, maniacal, deep-seeded hatred for our Constitution..  At least they can’t steal memory & nostalgia.

“New Moon On Monday”  Duran Duran:

“Puttin on the Ritz” TACO

“Together Forever”  Rick Astley

For my fellow NYer online bud: Zilla who covets your prayers in feeling better..

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