DICTATOR Obama: Executive Order-Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

DICTATOR, Obama Executive Order Establishes Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

Imagine if GWB did this?  Wouldn’t it be front page news? And, rightly so?  OK, I see…only if it is a GOP member does the MSM go insane.  But, its OK when the Muslim, Kenyan, ILLEGAL does it.. And, to question this piece of shit…You is waycis.

Read more, Thank you to Brock 4 the news: here is the link

If it walks like a dictator, talks like a dictator, acts like a dictator, MURDERS like a dictator- it IS a dictator.  Just keep snoozing away.. Nothing will get done. We just sit back and take this crap b/c its waycis to stand up to the MUSLIM/Marxist MADMAN.

5 thoughts on “DICTATOR Obama: Executive Order-Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

  1. This E.O. means nothing, nada! Election laws and rules are left up to each individual state. Someday people will wake up and see what he is up to. (No Good)

  2. Look what F/B removed off of their whatever (I wrote it)

    U should tell this lying crap to OBAMA who has brought NOTHING but MISERY to the east, you war-mongering Bolshevik LOSER – who reads NO news. Liberal should just be another word for anti- intellectual, because you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to the DEMO-COMMIE foreign- affairs dept. Benghazi seems to be a nothing subject for you anti- human rights libs. Ditto droning children in Paki and Yemen, which Obama does all the time.

    “Whites” over people of color…MY ASS Brian, you idiot. Tell it to the white kids who get beaten, raped and robbed by the ‘people of color’….ditto the elderly who the ‘people of color’ rape and murder. Idiot.

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