Photos: Who Will Win 2nd American Civil War? #Patriotic Male Vs. #Communist Metro Freak

It is really sick and sad that America has come to ‘2 sides’.  Any sane person thinks this.  But, just who do you think will win in upcoming Civil war? First photo is perfect example of what Communist, gay sh’t has done to the American male.  This metro freak could not even spank his monkey, correctly. 

This is a ‘gay’ friendly JC Penney Ad: (Puke)


Patriotic American male who fought off a black bear and survived:


I rest my case.

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Bethel Park, PA: Club-Wielding Man Shot To Death By 72 Year Old Music Store Owner

Bethel Park, PA: Club-Wielding Man Shot To Death By 70 Year Old Music Store Owner

Hat Tip, Sandy:

After a brief and violent struggle, a Bethel Park business owner on Saturday shot to death a club-wielding man as he attacked the owner’s wife inside the couple’s music store, police said.

1. Police say attacker shot to death at Bethel Park music store | TribLIVE

2. Police say attacker shot to death at Bethel Park music store 

And, this is why we have guns; To protect ourselves from club-wielding crazies. Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.


PS:  Gateway Pundit posted this story.  This happened in our friends neighborhood.  Sandy called us this AM with this new from PA, we hat-tipped her.  Gateway not only uses our stories, but also BANS us from their website. 


Collapse On It’s Way: Australia to Abandon the U.S. Dollar For Chinese Yuan

Collapse On It’s Way: Australia to Abandon the U.S. Dollar

Here is comes…And, we’ve discussed it, here.

Australia’s announcement that it is abandoning the U.S. dollar for trade with China is the latest broadside in the global currency war. Starting April 10, Australia and China will no longer use the U.S. dollar for trade between the two nations.



#DigiArt You Belong To The City…

Chaos City

“Chaos City” Digi-Art by P. AsheDina, The Mad Jewess © 2013

I am stuck in the 80’s.  Why?  Even though I don’t believe we had the ‘best’ government back then.. I do believe people were happier, and more free. So, much of the digi-art I create reminisces the 1980’s. I’m a nostalgic crazy.  So, sue me.  It’s funny that the blogosphere has “The best artists” and NEVER give me a little prize.  Well, f’ck them.

The Mad Jew B*tch
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Progressive; Fancy Word for #Communism , #Marxism [Video]

Progressive; Fancy Word for #Communism , #Marxism

If it looks like a Communist, smells like a Communist and acts like a Communist, it is a Communist.

Video by: Pat Condell

Why Are 83 Hollywood Stars Are Selling Their Homes In Los Angeles?

Why Are 83 Hollywood Stars Are Selling Their Homes In Los Angeles?

Some people are speculating that on April 28th, a nuke may go off in Los Angeles. I think it’s taxes and Communism in California that’s forcing stars departure.  Even the Obama-voting drek don’t like liberal policies.  Left-wingers have screwed up America and all of the larger states plus the rest of the planet and still they are discontent.

See Hollywood Real Estate ‘Buttercups” message:


Monsanto, Boston, Lies, Lies & More Lies

Contributed By GoldBugGal:

Dzhokhar shot himself in the throat when he tried to commit suicide .. yet, he had no gun? Oh, yeah, that makes sense .. as much sense as the rest of the official Boston BS story. Here’s what puzzles me: The West, TX bombing killed 14 people, 70 still missing, and destroyed dozens of homes and apartments .. yet, only one site is carrying this story. Why? Monsanto got your tongue?

David Ben Moshe tells me that comments are off.  That’s fine.  We’re trying to present the truth, not argue over it.

Obama’s Non-Natural Born Status Leaves Him Open To Blackmail

Obama’s Non-Natural Born Status Leaves Him Open To Blackmail

In the 1990’s, Obama had no issue with his own bio which he submitted for pamphlet’s saying he was ‘born in Kenya’:

It is truth that the West, TX fertilizer plant has had a long, drawn-out lawsuit with corporate bully, Monsanto.  It is documented in the Wall Street Journal.  Monsanto has been kicked out of quite a few countries.  The GMO giant does not want to lose stupid Americans as customers to stay alive and buy their products while killing them with GMO foods. (WSJ: Before the Blast, West Fertilizer’s Monsanto Lawsuit)

It is a fact that the mercenary group known as “Blackwater” is owned by Monsanto: Monsanto hired mercenary Blackwater to infiltrate anti-GMO groups

Fact:(Could be Blackmail?) Obama signed the  Monsanto Protection Act into Law 

That could have been the weapon (blackmail) Monsanto used to perform the West, TX tragedy?

Video author:

I slowed the video down to a frame by frame analysis, and there is a prior explosion that occurs about two football fields away from the fertilizer facility, before the facility explodes. How is that possible?

How many more laws, bills, etc have been signed because of potential Blackmail?? What about the anti-gun, UN??  It is time for American people to use their brains. Unless you want the media to do that for you.  Meaning you are already Communists.

-David Ben Moshe