5 thoughts on “Dalai Lama: Shoot Back Against Bad Guys

  1. Tibetans , including monks, fight against China. The HYPOCRITE West HARPS on China’s ‘cruelty’ ‘no democracy’ ‘no human rights’ while partnering Islamic Jihadists to MURDER innocents in Syria. The West arms Tibetans including monks with the latest weapons; to better kill Han Chinese police and soldiers. Tibet is part of China. Would the West accept a territory of theirs to fight for separation? It was China that liberated Tibetans from the once evil ‘buddhism’ the poor people were subjected to. (Buddhism has many sects).

  2. Buddhist laymen and monks are at war with the muslims in Burma, as recently reported. Muslims are a plague, everywhere. Burmese Buddhists fight against expansion of Muslims and their evil halal, jihad, every day.
    This is a No No for the HYPOCRITE West. The muslim arselicking West love their darling muslims. And so some Western writers have taken it to be their mission to remind Burmese Buddhists and the monks that Buddhism is about non violence, metta, karuna , i.e. loving kindness and compassion . In other words, the West wants Buddhists to accept being murdered by muslims. Never mind Buddhists are murdered, decapitated, like in South Thailand. Buddhists are to roll over and allow to be massacred, their properties seized by the muslims as is happening to the Hindus/Sikhs/Christians in muslim Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East. Did you know Westerner, Friday is the day of hunting for a Hindu/Sikh/Christian to be brutally beaten to death, and then decapitated in the abovementioned Islamic countries? Friday is also the day of wild accusation against the church, temple, non muslims for muslim violence that results in dead non muslims and the confiscation of church/temple in Islamic countries?

    Murder at will of Innocents of Sovereign Nations is considered to be a Right & a Privilege only for the West. And those sovereign nations MUST NOT defend itself. Syria is the Colosseum for Western Barbarians/Parasites to whet their appetite for Blood & Gore.

  3. Of course not–it makes sense what the Dalai says, QV..the west is sense LESS

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