More Nazi-ism: UN Arms Treaty Calls For Disarming Those 55 & Older

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Are they afraid of persons 55 and older because they haven’t been completely brainwashed and propagandized? I think the anti-Constitution, anti-gun freaks have become “unwired.”

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9 thoughts on “More Nazi-ism: UN Arms Treaty Calls For Disarming Those 55 & Older

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    I think it entirely possible this is the day I shall go mad. “In lieu of firearms, Dr. Betti suggests that seniors find other, non-violent and non-lethal options for self-defense.

    “The optimal self-defense posture for seniors would include such items as a rape whistle or high-decibel air horn, quick-strike road flares, an electronic medical alert system, a cellular telephone with a large display, morphine injections, neon or glow-in-the-dark armbands, a mesh vest, a pith helmet with flashing headgear and a solar-powered radio,” said Dr. Betti.”

  2. Dr. Betti, I’m sorry, but I think a 12-gauge shotgun would better serve my self-defense purposes. They plan to eventually “exterminate” everyone over the age of 50. They’ll begin with age 75 and above (this includes me) by sending us useless eaters (and troublemakers) to one of Dumbozo’s death panels for a pill to ameliorate the pain of our passing. Yes, indeedy, there are death panels in the Unaffordable Obamakill Plan. Check the pdf.

  3. Well, goldbug; it would appear that you are anticipating a relatively easy exit. Myself, on the other hand, I doubt that I will have such an easy out. I say this because I am a habitual blasphemer of Allah, his false, non prophet, Mohammad, and of the unholy koran. So I suspect that I will be severely punished before I go to rest with my fathers.

  4. Since when did the over 55s go around shooting kids in schools ? TAQYAA thats muslim for LIES ,AND WHAT IS OBAMA.

  5. im confused here,when did some one say,disarm any one 55 and older? i can not make a resonable discussion or opinion if i do not understand the facts.could you please elaberate on this topic.

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