Obama Eligibility Appealed in Judge Roy Moore’s Court

Contributed by GoldBugGal:
I wonder .. can Judge Roy Moore be bought and paid for .. or threatened into dropping this? Following the article is an interesting video showing evidence of Obama’s birth in Kenya. The Kenyan Parliament was thrilled at Obama’s election, because “the world would be a more peaceful place” .. and it would be the end of ‘unilateralism.’ Yeah, right!

4 thoughts on “Obama Eligibility Appealed in Judge Roy Moore’s Court

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  2. Our celebrity president a sex symbol? Bwhahaha hahahaha. Yeah, I’m sure Moooochelle is just fine with it, especially since she just referred to herself as a “single mom.” I have always believed she and the girls were a “rent-a-family.” Since our celebrity prez prefers to spend his time at the Down Low Club in Chicago, he is more likely considered a sex symbol by the sissified men..

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