My Tribute To Fat-Girls All Upset Over “Manatee Grey” At Target

11 thoughts on “My Tribute To Fat-Girls All Upset Over “Manatee Grey” At Target

  1. Get a recumbent bicycle if you can afford it (about 700 dollars on the lower end). See

    I have a Bike-E and it’s great! I average 14 mph for 10 to 20 miles no problem, and it’s like riding an easy chair or a harley that you pedal. I’d rather have one with handlebars below the seat, but the Bike-E was what I could afford.

    Ride a recumbent for just 10 – 15 miles a day, 5 days a week, and you’ll drop weight pretty quick. And it’s fun adn relaxing, not like exercise.

  2. Ahh, the truth is refreshing. I am prone to gain weight too. Like you, I love to eat. If I didn’t work out I would become a blob. There are no shortcuts.

    You and Debbie have a wonderful sense of humor. Thanks for your insights too.

  3. I used to be husky.

    Then I got married. Aggravation 24/7.

    “Avrum, paint the deck.”
    [Go paint your face.]

    “Avrum move the couch upstairs.”
    [Move your ass to the next county.]

    “Avrum, put on a new roof.”
    [Put on a new body.]

    So, I was NAUseous all the time. Almost as nauseous as I get the second I see Dear Leader’s loathsome face.

    So, I couldn’t eat.

    So, I lost weight.

    Now I’m skinny as a stick.

    Still aggravated 24/7.

    “Avrum, dig up the basement and move it to the backyard.”
    [Dig yourself a hole and climb in.]

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  5. I never had an issue with fat women. I don’t SEEK them out, but I look at her as a whole; wit, personality, values, goals, and interests. I find smoking a bigger turn off than size. People need to be less superficial.

  6. Ok, I too, realized a few years ago if I wanted to be happy being fat, the road to happiness was to get off my ass and stop eating junk. Lost 40 pounds and 4 sizes. But seriously, when I saw the manatee grey dress, I laughed out loud and wanted one (although I probably am now too small for it to fit properly). And if the start making a porky pink or brontosaurus brown, I’d be all over that. Have we really gotten so….I can’t even think of the word I’m looking for here. Grow up people and find something real to whine about. (ps. Just found this blog…love it!)

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