Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers

Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers


I woke up this morning at 3AM.  Its always about what time I feel in my heart that God wakes me up to enlightenment and truth of our very bad national situation.  That is when the mind is truly free: 3AM.   Don’t ask me why.

The Obama administration are a bunch of radical Communists and Communist enablers.  Stop calling them “Progressives”. “Progressive” is a code name for COMMUNIST and this is the reason why we have seen the DHS name Veterans and patriots “Hate groups, extremists”, etc.  Ditto The SPLC, who named over 1K patriots named as ‘haters/hate groups’ in March, 2013.  It is easy to name a person a ‘hater’ than to say “Patriot Groups against Obama,”  Right?  Mark Potok is a Communist.  If he was not a Communist, he would not work to break down & subvert dissension against a tyrannical and over-reaching government.  It is patriotic to dissent against tyranny in America. Potok would be WITH patriots, not against them/us.  The SPLC uses Obama’s race and color to call people ‘racists’, which he knows is a lie.  “The end justifies the means.”  This is why he calls patriots, ‘haters and racists’.  Just more Labeling to demonize.  Take away our humanity and they can commit genocide.  This lying pretense that everyone hates Obama just because of his color.. Truly, it’s absurd.  We hate his Communism, racial baiting, class warfare: All Communist tactics. (Plus, we dont even KNOW Obama, he came from nowhere)

The truth is the key: It’s time to stop playing games. You will just keep being defeated, every minute, day, hour.  We need to push more blogs/websites to call these liars what they are: Communists and their enablers.  If you refuse to name them what they are, you will just keep losing every single debate.  You are either a patriot who wants our Constitution restored or you are a Communist or a Communist enabler.  If you can’t handle being in the truth of this situation, than, just get out of the way & let stronger people deal with it.

The reason these Commies call you a”McCarthyite” is because he was right-and they demonized him for it, crucified McCarthy for being a patriot because they wanted Communism.   So, some peoples lives suffered because of McCarthy. So?  Better that than the WHOLE nation-which is why we are in dire straights, now.   McCarthy loved America and didn’t want to see happen what is happening now.  Its so obvious to enlightened patriots what is happening.  Look at that picture of McCarthy.  He was a FINE American.  ALL of these bullying tactics; “You’re a xeno-phobe, homophobe, racist, hater, far, right-wing, conservative”, etc.. Are COMMUNIST tactics to shame and silence you.  The ONLY way to end this war within is to expose these COMMUNISTS.  Also, calling these traitors, “Socialists” is weak. Because, Socialism is accepted.  (Social security, Social workers.)  Its not ‘accepted’ by me, but it IS in our system.. 

This blog will no longer call you conservatives or right-wingers, moderates, etc.  You are patriots fighting off the enemy within: COMMUNISM.  Our century long battle against Communists and Communist enablers.  Anything that breaks down America is an enabler of Communism.   So, you had better think about this while enabling this ‘gay’ marriage, ‘Libertarians’.   “Gay” marriage is total breakdown of American society & is one of the Communist goals of 1963 to ‘present homosexuality as normal.’   It is not the norm at all, Bill HO Reilly and Megan Kelly.  Anyone enabling Obama and his radical homosexual-marriage agenda is enabling Communism.

We are not going to be able to stop the judgements of God on our land, but being in the TRUTH is true repentance, which is what God wants from ALL American people/s.

Please copy/paste, link with my blog on your blog. Time to stop the madness and push liberty.


32 thoughts on “Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers

  1. Very well said. We definitely need every one to see that the emperor has no clothes. I also agree on naming things as they are. Someone from Colorado commented to me that the on July 1st he would become a criminal, I responded that the law they passed was unconstitutional and therefore illegitimate. They may want to label him a criminal, but it is in fact they who are criminals, not he. He is simply a patriot, living his life within the bounds of the constitution. I think we also need to stress the illegitimacy of their new laws as they violate our natural rights.Even the most extreme of regimes use mock trials and such to keep an air of legitimacy.

  2. WordPress just suspended and archived my Vine Of Life website late last night for no reason. We are not breaking any rules… and I’m sure it will be days before anyone will respond to me! I have sent them numerous emails. We are pretty upset.

  3. Is this how they treat paying customers? I bought my domain, paid extra for privacy, and just spent one hundred dollars on the theme for that site. I devoted a lot of time and energy to it. They treat their customers like crap!

  4. They have done that to me for years, Lyn.
    If you have a back up, post the whole thing and CONFRONT them in your subject line

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    Of COURSE they are communists. So are their followers. See my post below about the nut case Liberals…. They are all lunatics, brainwashed and convinced they have a right to change our country to a socialist state. Not happening, not on my watch. American gun owners have had it, so have conservatives, so have libertarians, so have the majority of Democrats who were brought up like my parents. They want to take over quietly and it’s not going to happen quietly. NONE of us are going to go quietly. We will fight them….. so they need to back down and back off before they start something that can’t be stopped.

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  8. How can I write it when I can’t get in to the site? We can’t even access the dashboard. Totally one hundred per cent suspended! Greg and I both have sent them MASS emails about this. We were just added to Before It’s News (our RSS) so we’re wondering if that is what did it.

  9. Ask them what the TOS is..
    You are just not ‘open’ anymore?

    NO, I have BIN on my sidebar

  10. Did you LINK someone that you are not allowed to link? Because Loopylous blog had a problem with a LINK

  11. No. BIN just started posting our RSS yesterday a few hours prior to this happening. And we were on their most active list. So..that is what Greg my editor is thinking happened.

  12. Yeah. She told me. No. All of the links in our sidebar are to fellow wordpress websites. Who are we not allowed to link to?

  13. Advise BIN to not link you, it may just be a competitor that they just dont want linked.

  14. I dont know, ASK them for a list of the people to NOT link.
    They may just have a conflict of biz interest, they have to advise you of WHY they TOS you

  15. You are better off not linking ANYONE who you just dont know.

    But, they HAVE to tell you WHY they TOS you–you have a biz agreement w/ them

  16. Tell me, MJ. When Exactly Will Americans Start To Give a Crap About What Their CRIMINAL Gov’t is Doing? 11 More Children Killed in US Airstrike in Afghanistan

  17. QV:
    The ONLY Americans that give a rats ass are the FIVE that support us here.

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    A rose is a rose is a rose and Progressive thy real name is COMMUNIST. No amount of labeling and re-labeling can transform that which you are. You are a threat to this nation, a disease that must be eradicated.

  20. Get real. Obama is owned by the Jews. Plus he’s a big fag, too. That’s probably why they have him in their pocket.

    BTW, that masthead is perfect for you Mad Joo. Must be your great granny after smoking some Sassoon opium in Shanghai.

    Tell your hubby, Ben Moist Mouth, INCOG MAN says FU.

  21. TMJ –

    You are spot on with categorizing the enemies of America as “Communists” – not “Progressives.” Richard Wurmbrand warned America as early as the 60’s of the evils of Communists and Communism.

    I’ll never forget meeting Wurmbrand in person at Wealthy Street Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the 1970’s. If ever there was a person who manifested the presence of Christ here on earth, I’m convinced it was Richard Wurmbrand:

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