Rand Paul Love Drones, Now. That’s Because He Hasn’t Seen What Happened In West, TX #COMMIE Media

Rand Paul Love Drones, Now. That’s Because He Hasn’t Seen What Happened In West, TX:  RAND LEARNS TO LOVE THE DRONE!

Even Commie Media Matters is covering this;  ‘Cable News Ignores The Regulatory History‘ but they are not talking about the BOMB that hit the Texans.  Of course not, it does not suit their agenda.. They are only worried about OSHA.  Typical to not think of murdered Texans and only worried about OSHA. That’s the Communist way…

NOW: Rand Paul should have seen what happened in West, TX.  And because he hasn’t, he will be OK with drones, missiles, whatever.  But, the ‘drones on us’ now.

The blood of the Texan cries out for justice.  Nobody in the MSM or even most conservative blogs will report what happened there.  Too afraid to be labeled ‘conspiracy wackos’   I am not interested in conspiracies.  I am interested in why the media – on either side- has totally covered up this story.  I never said much of anything about Boston because God put it on my heart that something worse was going to happen. He also put it on my heart to not be distracted as you all have been.   I am interested in the truth.  If I was wrong, I would apologize.  Immediately.  But, I am not wrong and West, TX has been missiled.  The #COMMUNIST MSM SELECTS what they want you to see and you fall for it.

Just go on about your dumb lives…nothing to see here..

Some military vets on the message boards are declaring (adamantly) that the orange flash seen from the left just before the explosion is a missile — possibly a JDAM.

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  1. Commenter on YT:

    enlightenfawn 5 days ago
    Wow, everything Is getting out-of-control! Yesterday(April 17,2013), I was shopping around 2:30pm (PST), and I Saw a Drone fly right over Me! It then circled and headed East ( N.CA).The last six months I”ve noticed these Drones, I’ve seen about six now. Three of them have been tan in color, and the other three were white. The one I saw yesterday was a white one. They fly real low, they do sound like an airplane, and have blinking lights on them. I was curious to know when the Explosion happened?

  2. Maybe no one wants to touch Texas because it is a red state, considered a renegade state by WDC. Maybe no one wants to talk about Texas because right now the US military demand for unmanned drones and their remote pilots is growing.
    It is reported that in the New Mexico desert, the U.S. Air Force has ramped up training of drone operators – even as the nation increasingly debates their use and U.S. forces prepare to leave Afghanistan. After all, drones killed three American born citizens. And the DHS has categorized the list of Americans eligible for drone slaughter.

    Texas might be a ‘testing point’ to gauge Amerikaners response. The church has remained silent. The populace don’t want to know. The media whores look after their rice bowl.

    Boston is a different matter. Any event that impacts on the United States’ “homeland security” would have worldwide repercussions. The repercussions of the Boston Marathon bombings are most expected on the US’ ties with Russia.
    Unfortunately, the Boston blasts won’t revive US-Russia reset. China hopes the Boston bombing would end the double standards the US employs in the Xinjiang Province. Perhaps even a halt to aiding and abetting the Uighurs.

    While it is becoming apparent, by the day, that America’s FBI & CIA are the ones who did the Boston Bombing. News galore at Russia Today, Corbett report. Videos have gone viral. False Flag, Fake actors, Fake blood, etc.

  3. Thats what I have been hearing about Boston, QV.
    God kept me OFF of Boston for a reason. Dont totally know why yet.

    Of course nobody gives a rats ass about TX. Probably just nice people live in the town–it had a lot of seniors in it. Thats great. You know how American jackasses LOVE their seniors.
    Of course the church has remained silent. They preach LGBT and Marxist replacement theology.
    Its probably a ‘JEW psy-op’ in Boston and TX is just a red state, exactly. To be hated..

    Thats what my friend Wendy said; “They dont care about TX b/c we’re southerners”

    The Commie piece of shit media hates normal people. They only care about the Boston whatever b/c its a hard core Commie state. With a bunch of ‘gay’ freaks.

  4. Rand Paul is a big fat phoney. He can not possibly NOT know what happened in Texas. None of those in the congress and senate can not possibly NOT know what happened. I believe he has come out in favor of letting drones kill people who walk out of liquor stores — his words, not mine — because he knows exactly what happened in Texas. So does all of media. They will not touch it becasue they are scared they will get droned. Think about it. They all are big fat lying compromising appeasing cowards.

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