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Deluded, Demented ‘Jew’, David Sirota: Conservatives Support Nazi Gun Control Laws


Let me be clear.. ANY “Jew” that supports gun-control – absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt is an inward psychopath that would endorse Hitlers gas chambers. They would shout for joy if there really are FEMA camps set up by wannabe tyrant, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Maddening. Frightening. Self-loathing.

The other day, I tried to advise another self-hating Jewess, Rebecca Shoenkopf that the politics she endorses and enforces are Nazi.  She refuses to see this because she is a Commie. (Ya can’t make this shit up) re. our people, my half brothers and sisters- the Jews.  Just because the left-wing politics are not 100% Nazi does not mean it ISNT Nazi-like – because it is.  The racism is there (black on white) as we see here with many of my husbands posts on black on white crime The Jew-hatred is very evident as we have seen at many of the college universities complete with anti Zionism and the oppression of Israel friendly, patriotic Jews.  Anti-Christianity is an epidemic now within the left- wing mantra.  In fact, the anti-Christianity is so disgusting that the left-wing pigs SHOVE homosexuality on Christians that are against it.  Talk about fascism.

Now, the 30% well meaning Jews have this idiot David Sirota we have to contend with – who is saying today,  that Conservatives are supportive of NAZI gun-control laws.  In my opinion, this is defamation against Christian conservatives and should be called out BY Christians.  IF there is a ‘conservative’ that supports an anti-2nd Amendment stance, he/she should be advised to join the Commie-Nazi cabal of anti Americanism, expeditiously.

Here is the madmans post: Conservatives support background checks, too!

Let’s take a look at the “Jew” Sirota and his Wiki page:

Sirota was born in New HavenConnecticut but grew up in the Montgomery County suburbs outside of PhiladelphiaPennsylvania.[1] After being educated at theWilliam Penn Charter School, he went to Northwestern University,[1] where he earned his bachelor’s degree with honors in journalism and political science. He has lived in various cities around the country including PhiladelphiaChicagoSan DiegoWashington, D.C.Helena, and Denver.[2] He describes himself as “a Jew”

I would not have brought up the fact that he is a “Jew” unless he said it first.  This type behavior must be confronted by God-fearing Jews, ASAP. He should be excommunicated from the Jewish community for seeking to be seditious against the country he is in exile; America.  Maybe he should move to Gaza and help destroy his own people – since this is how gun-control always turns out for the Jews, ANYWHERE, anyways..

David Sirota needs a reminder of how America will treat certain Jews that are seditious when they catch on to your trix:

Americans WILL end up holding the Jews to a higher standard because the Jews are SUPPOSED to be God fearing, God lovers & Country patriots. It is in the Tanakh, it is in the Torah to do so.