American “Conservatives” Now Against Syrian Rebels. But, Offer NO Apologies For 1 Yr 1/2 Of Siding With Them

American “Christians” Now Against Syrian Rebels. But, Offer NO Apologies For 1 Yr 1/2 Of Siding With Them

[Some archived posts on Syria: The Mad Jewess]

QV and I were constantly scolded by holier than thou “Christians” and Conservative Americans who said we were on the wrong side re. Syria/Syrian Rebels.  These same blowhards treated us like we don’t know a damned thing. Even though my husband, David Ben Moshe was advising TV audiences for years about how we the (US GOVT) SCREWs up-he was also an adviser to the NYC FBI re. Islamic terror for 10 years …You put me down because I don’t write well.  I never claimed I was a great writer.  My blog name is “The Mad Jewess”, I write in anger, indignation, & frustration and always have.  That does not mean I am stupid. YOU ARE.

At any rate;  So many of you treated us and the Syrian CHRISTIAN people like shit.   You make me sick. Obama’s rebels in Syria have been murdering, raping and torturing Christians in Syria for over 2 years.  You cried no tears.  You were even against our own laws which tell us not to be entangled without congressional approval; Yet, many of you cheered the death of Gaddafi, the ousting of Mubarak and were gung-ho for Assad’s ouster while we were not.  It’s not that we ‘liked’ those said leaders, that is NOT the point.

Now, a middle east mess as we have never seen is exploding because of you “Conservatives”.  My ass, conservative.  Since when is it ‘conservative’ to sit back and watch REAL Christian people in the M.E. be tortured, murdered, their cities destroyed?  HOW is that “Christian” OR “Conservative?”  How do you sleep at night?  I explained this scenario 100X or more, yet some people still ask me “Whats really happening there!!??”  Don’t you friggin READ?

You don’t just own an apology.  You should be on your knees BEGGING God to not allow the same fate that the Catholic Priest suffered in Syria, today, happen to us:  VATICAN CONFIRMS Catholic Priest Beheaded in Syria (Brutal Video)  You should be BEGGING the Syrian Christians for forgiveness.  You can’t even SEE that you’re a big part of the f*cking problem. Their country is destroyed. Thanks in part, to you

 Are you worth more than the Syrians just because you’re an American? Puhlease… Now, you should GET why people here are not too polite to you.  And, if you still don’t get it, you deserve what the Syrians suffered and WORSE.


#COMMIE, Aparthied FREAK, Harold Meyerson Gets Katy Perry Make-Over, By The Mad Jewess

#COMMIE, Aparthied FREAK, Harold Meyerson (WA POST) Gets Katy Perry Make-Over, By The Mad Jewess

Making fun of drek is what it’s all about in my book.. And that’s just what an apartheid, segregationist deserves.  To be mocked, ridiculed and advised to go back into the shithole he is from.

Lovely weirdo, Katy Perry:



H by AsheDinaTMJ: After a TAAZ Virtual Makeover

A vast improvement for a man that got hit hard by the ugly tree..

This is for you, Mike: Wages Are Lower In The South Because… Raaaaacism

A stupid song for the young and the useless… 


#Senseless: It Is Only A Race/Hate Crime When It Is Perpetrated Against A Black Person. Why?

It Is Only A Race/Hate Crime When It Is Perpetrated Against A Black Person. Why?

I just got into it with a moronic, anti-white people, race-calling scumbag on Twitter.  Evidently, my husband is a racist because he has had victims in his family who suffered race crimes, ditto myself.   My David Ben Moshe admits not being pro-black. So? Who cares. Its his prerogative to not like someone.  As long as he does not hurt anyone.   I like all people…UNTIL they give me a reason to NOT like them. Their race does not matter as much to me, personally-as it does my husband. (I am more angry at illegals of the Hispanic origin.)  I daresay they bother me more than Russians or Chinese (immigrants) I have come across. Probably because you don’t see Chinese or Russians as Secretary of state homes screaming “SI SI PUEDA!”  ALL illegals are bad in my book, but the Hispanic ones are SICKENING to me.  This is no offense to Hispanic patriots, but it is what it is..

I don’t know how many people have been victims of racial crimes (black on white) in America but my guess (by Davids posts here-which are many) It is out of control.  I follow government fascism & post on that- but my husband chooses to post race crimes against white people.  It is his passion.  I suppose he is partial because of his family member who was a beautiful, young, virgin girl who was to be married.  She was raped, beaten, & sodomized.  After the race crime, she suffered abortion, something that she was against, being Orthodox/Jewish.  The perpetrator was black..  I know I have posted this before, but this idiot on Twitter made me so sick, I am talking about it again.

There is a serious NAZI-type supremacist element in the air in America.  (A mix of NAZI and Commie)  And, it is not coming from the white faction.  It is coming from the minorities. Who claim victim-hood, 24-7.  Who are usually NOT victims of racial crimes.

..I am first.. American.  My ethnicities are: Seneca/Iroquois Christian, Portugee/Jew, Scottish & Austrian.  The Iroquois didn’t have slaves. The Portugee Jews were busy being chased the hell out of Spain. The Scots were busy fighting the English.  So what in the HELL are my ancestors guilty of? Nothing. We had NO slaves on the Iroquois ‘plantation.’  NO slaves in the ghettos of Portugal.

At any rate: I must advise you white people; you are the ‘neo-nigger.’ I don’t use this word, without quotes- but, some of our bloggers do.  And, they can, because many of our bloggers/posters have been victims of race crimes. Plus it is their 1st Amendment right.   I don’t the word because I was taught that it is a ‘holy’ word.  The N word is just about as holy as God, himself. That is what I was taught.  I can’t help this because I was brainwashed to believe that this word is even worse than “fuck”.  Don’t ask me why.  I don’t know.   My opinion now – is that it was a farce.  

Most blacks I know, good or bad – call each other ‘nigger’ without any problems.  BUT-Jews don’t just call each-other kikes unless a Jew really IS being a kike. American Indians don’t call each other ‘reds’.  I don’t hear any Scots calling each other “MCCs”. I don’t hear Portugees calling each other ‘brownies.’

So what the issue? I don’t know. Why would a black call another black a “Nigger?” Why? If it is such a holy word, why use it in a derogatory way, yet freak out if someone other than yourselves uses it?

Back to the American race crime problem (against whites) which is an issue of epic proportions:  SARC-There is NO such thing as a race issue in America against white people.  Whites deserve what they’ve got coming. This is the “Liberal” mantra in America.  If a white person is beaten, raped, robbed or, God forbid, murdered–its no biggie. Plenty of whites to go around.  But, you touch the BLACK holy grail and you are OVER.  Case in point, Paula Deen.  Even jokes are made now because of the HOLIER than thou word she used, TWENTY SEVEN YEARS AGO..

If someone does not start covering these crimes, and I mean bigtime in the main stream media, I fear white people will become like the South Africans, who are murdered all the time, day after day.  And if someone does NOT cover these crimes, you fake reporters will be guilty of their murders and GOD WILL require the blood of American whites at your hands.  You being supposed ‘watchmen’- who say nothing ARE NAZIS. And just as the NAZIS tried to cover their crimes, you are guilty of the same.  To black patriots, I have to say: WHY ARE YOU COVERING THIS UP? Why? White people came to bat for you in the 1960’s. And I hate to remind you, but:  ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’


[See this post as well,  from EFT, my Jew bro: Racism hypocrisy- When Rachel Jeantel says ‘cracker,’ it’s a cultural thing; but when Paula Deen says the ‘n’ word, it’s racism..Learn more: here ]

#Communist, Harold Meyerson Is Calling For Apartheid Fence Against White Southerners

#Communist-Socialist, Harold Meyerson Is Calling For An Apartheid Fence Against White Southerners

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Harold Meyerson

Jews like this create their own anti-semitism. He probably lives in an upscale neighborhood and wouldn’t dare venture into a Negro or Hispanic section of his town.  “Jews” like this make me sick and embarrassed that I’m a Jew.

Actually, I AM a Jew, Harold is a kike.  Of course, what he says is not racist. Its only racist when whites do it.

 Until that day, though, if the federal government wants to build a fence that keeps the United States safe from the dangers of lower wages and poverty and their attendant ills — and the all-round fruitcakery of the right-wing white South–— it should build that fence from Norfolk to Dallas. There’s nothing wrong with a fence, so long as you put it in the right place

The rest: Washington Post columnists says put a fence around white southerners

Perhaps it’s time for the south to reinstitute an old custom, the KKK??

#TCOT Anthony Weiner Is America’s Twitter Poster Boy…

#TCOT Anthony Weiner Is America’s Twitter Poster Boy…

This piece of crap makes me want to puke my gutts out.  But, I’ll tell ya, NYC deserves this idiot.  What a SICK city to even think of running this putz–a putz in every sense of the word.  NYC must be really hard up.. (Eye-roll)  At any rate, I am sure glad I don’t live in the slutty city..  You gals in NYC that are moral better stay far away from this pervert. He’ll be ‘climbing in yo windows, snatching your ladies up’:


Poster comes from our dear friend, (gag)  The Incogman

Men DIED So that #PaulaDeen & Gasbag #AlecBaldwin Could Have Free Speech

People DIED So that Paula Deen & Gasbag Alec Baldwin Could Have Free Speech

We are supposed to DEBATE ideas we don’t agree with, not end people/s livelihoods.  “Homophobe, xeno, etc” – The Commies and the Neo-cons make these words up to SHUT us up…

I am really sick and tired of words in O’MeriKa.  You say the wrong word, and you are dead or your life is over.  Baldwin went on a ‘homophobic’ rant.  So? Homosexuals; Get this-we dont have to like YOU or your ways.  If you dont like that, tough shit.  Who the hell died and made you the Grand Poobah anyway?  If Paul Deen wants to have some plantation wedding, so what? Why do people HAVE to sue her just because she is who she is?  

For ie; Blacks can scream in the streets to ‘kill all crackas and they babies‘, but whites cant scream the same type innuendos back in retaliation?  I do, I dont care anymore.  There is no such thing as ‘hate speech’ in America–that’s a LIE. And, the more you try to squelch people’s opinions, the more they will hate you and rebel against control. Stop this culture of stupified idiots and weak, knee-jerks.

The only time free speech should be stopped is when it is TREASONOUS against America like Baldwins Commie crap he is always touting. I have an issue with that.  But name-calling on Twitter? Good Lord, gimme a break. I am so tired of pussified Americans, You make me sick. 

Today, on Twitter, someone told me they love P’lestine and hate Israel. I said “SO”, you have your own opinion”.  He could not take that, started calling me names like a child. I advised him that he has HIS opinion and I have mine, he didn’t want to allow me my own opinion. So, I blocked the nut.  That’s what you do with people you don’t want to talk to; BLOCK THEM. In life, online.

In the meantime, America is bitchin about Paula Deen and Alec Baldwin because they have big mouths.           I say:


Things are far more important. Like the govt media war complex and Obama’s fascism.


Yesterday, a blogger told me that “God is not on my side.”  Just because I am not ‘winning’ here on earth in the NATIONAL spectrum, means God is not on my side? Untruth.  I have already settled in my mind quite a few years ago that America was under divine judgment (In the 1990’s, I already knew this).  Why is this?  Did God WANT to judge America? No. America decided (as a nation) to throw God out.  Throughout my life, I have had backslidden experiences. One thing I didnt do while I was in a bad state like this: Take others with me.

`When we were kids, we understood the house rules and if we wanted peace in our home, we would abide by the rules of our parents.  I know I strove to.   But, what happened when we disobeyed? We got punished.  And it was just.  The same can be said for our country.  We are receiving just punishment as a whole because we have thrown out Gods laws.  It is deserved.

`Does this mean that God has stranded YOU? As a person? No.  God is ALWAYS with individuals, constantly working with people.  He has NOT stranded you in your fight against evil.  It is just that he will not allow things to be ‘turned around’ until this nation falls on its knees and turns to him (as a whole).  Will the nation, collectively do this?  In my opinion, NO.  BUT, God knows all…

`At any rate, I AM a free bird because I fight enemies of God and try to keep God first.  Its not always easy and many times I am more drawn away on the net, etc.  Because the current evil makes me sick.  Just know that you CAN be free in your spirit and mind if you just keep God first in your life.


Racist, Nelson Mandela “Kill White People” Is Dead, Yet? Good Riddance.

Racist, Nelson Mandela “Kill White People” Is Dead. Good Riddance.

EDIT, we find he is still alive. Puke face racists live longer than good people/s

We’ll leave it up for his ‘memorial’.

They say Nelson Mandela was a saint, but I did some reading on my own and found that he had his followers put tires around the necks of his black political opponents, fill them with gasoline and lite them on fire. Why would they leave out a detail like that? NOT apartheid????

AND: Here in America, racism is only racism if it is racism against black supremacists and brown supremacists.  White people can be called crackas, honkeys, white ho, etc.  The NBPP can scream in public to ‘kill all crackas and they babies’ and that is OK.. But never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever & NEVER say anything bad about ghetto sons of Obama and their dirty deeds Like (raping, robbing and murdering white people here in USA)…AND NEVER say Good riddance to the ‘holier than thou’, racist, black supremacist filth; NELSON MANDELA.

The reason that the conservative people NEVER ‘win’ is because they cow-tow to bullies instead of fighting bullies back with an equal amount of fire.  


The only ‘apartheid’ is the black people now that are Obama types who rape, murder and rob whites.

“Kill Whites Mandela:”