What Reason Is Cheerios Promoting Inter-Racial Couples? They’re Just A Smaller Minority

What Reason Is Cheerios Promoting Inter-Racial Couples? They’re Just A Small Minority

I’m an old school bigot & am not going to change at 64 years old.  I never saw an inter-racial couple growing up.  Inter-racial couples did not exist on a larger scale until the 90’s.  It was unheard of to marry outside of ones faith, color, creed in America before the left-wing became more obscene.   My wife advises me that people do fall in love outside of their own people/s.  But, I am set in my ways and don’t advise this. Ever.

The question is: Why is Cheerios promoting this Communist inter-race mantra?  Inquiring minds want to know.. And when do we worry about what the majority thinks?

-David Ben Moshe:  Bigot, Racist, Xeno-phobe, etc.

PS: Looks like the old south was right about-

21 thoughts on “What Reason Is Cheerios Promoting Inter-Racial Couples? They’re Just A Smaller Minority

  1. The brainwashing of Americans by leftists, liberals, feminists, and progressives where RACE is made to be THE issue. While the ‘elites’ (evil is too polite and nice a term for these satanlings) will NOT tolerate mixed marriages, they expect the hoi polloi to mix blood so they would be better serfs and slaves than they are now.

    And the brainwashed of the West fall for the elite’s evil plans.


  2. The only good thing i like from your post is you are fucking 64 SO YOUR ASS WILL DIE SOON and America will be a better place.
    My name is Marc Anderson and i have no need to hide my self unlike you … you coward bastard your name is listed as davidbenmoshejtf

  3. Marc, death does not equal older. Anyone can die at any time.
    Nice try, though–the reality is that black people kill eachother so, you will probably die first.

  4. Plus, people like my husband have made America. People like you use America and treat it like shit.
    I BET that you are the type that throws litter on the sidewalk–you low class slime.

  5. This is different. For the first time ever in commercials in the USA, white women are being shown with mulatto children.

    They’ve stepped it up a notch. The white family is the target for destruction. The racial transformation of the country depends on it. More on that later.

  6. So you like racism? Obviously you’re a stupid ugly bitch. Im Catholic but my Muslim friends would like you to go to hell. Now. And no, I don’t believe you’ve ever punched anyone, except your wife and kids

  7. That’s a brillliant comeback. Worthy of your disgusting hate and stupidity. Did I mention ignorance? Most Jews voted for Obama, did you know that? About 3/4. And yes, you are OLD and you will die soon and your hate will die with you. And if there’s a hell, you’ll have a basement room where its especially hot. You are indeed, a bitch

  8. Marc like you wants to keep black on white crime and Communism a secret.
    Jews who voted Obama are psychopathic as are you.

  9. Pinko–I bench 305 lbs every Monday.
    Leg-press 505 on Wednesday. Very healthy and look young. Not going anywhere for another 30 years.

    I don’t have to like anyone. If you don’t like this, Commie, too damned bad.

  10. Russia won’t give its children to gays

    LBGT America will have to look for what ass?

  11. Now you understand why Americans want to adopt Russian children. Apart from killing them, treating them worse than animals, Americans want to sodomise them.
    Sodom & Gomorrah must be destroyed. Agreed, Amerikaners?

  12. I am truly sorry for you. Must be tiring, hating so much. And being so stupid. How much you benchpress??? Says it all…. hahahaha. But for the record. YOU LOST. Obama won!!!!! And Bachmann goes down!! And SCOTUS upheld PPACA!! And more and more States and countries are legalizing same sex marriage!! And racist AZ lawmen are found guilty of profiling!! And scientists continue to find proof of global warming and Evolution!! The list goes on and on….you are losers!! Your days ARE numbered

  13. Your days ARE numbered

    So, come up and murder us for not agreeing with you, you fucking fascist.

    And racist AZ lawmen are found guilty of profiling!!

    And found NOT guilty.

    And Bachmann goes down!!

    She chose to resign at this time in her life, probably tired of the constant attacks from godless left wing satanists.

    YOU LOST. Obama won!!!!!

    Americans lost.

    Must be tiring, hating so much

    The same way you hate and want to MURDER people that don’t agree with you.
    You are the fucking

    Adios, no talking with Commu-NAZI, anti Americans TRAITORS.

  14. For the record…I am Seneca Iroquois by my father and it is YOUR days that are numbered. Got it?

    I have prayed to GOD to relieve MY land, NOT ‘your’ land, MY land of you SICK, baby murdering, anal sex scum to be judged, expeditiously.


    God WILL destroy ALL, ALL, ALL of your sex filled violent cities. SOON. AND, your dictator will die from natural causes as GOD fills Obama with WORMS.

    I will look at your destroyed cities with GLEE in that day. OVER JOYED that your end FROM GOD is here.

    HOORAY. At long last, satanic leftism will

  15. My husband does not like this at all.

    Since he does not like this, he is worthy of death according to some asshole commenter.


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