Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

Contributed by GoldBugGal:

Thank God somebody has a brain in this world .. several countries have not only banned GMOs, but others have cancelled thousands of tons of U.S. corn, soybeans and wheat. I think the farmers will soon get the message that they’ve been duped by their fascist masters. Maybe these countries will save the dumbed-down Americans from the Monsanto monster.

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  1. So some one is glad that the corn has been stopped ,?
    They stop the corn because of GMO,s,

    Lets just say you are paying 50 cents for your bread now,
    Then tomorrow when there is no bread or very little it will cost you $3
    They are doing this on purpose ,do not look at it in the short but in the long time .
    If people cannot afford to pay the price then there will be riots ,in comes the army bang goes the guns ? dead are the people ? More bread for the rich.

  2. I wrote………..

    GMO foods is a misnomer for wilful Genocide. The cabal wants the world population reduced to 500 million. And who leads the cabal? The false ‘queen’ of England, Elizabeth II.

    Their front man, the oh so ‘respectable’ Bill Gates has successfully paralysed 48,000 Indian children with his ‘free’ vaccines, successfully made hundreds of thousands of young , including unmarried Indian women sterile with his ‘free medical treatment.’ Indian media and op-eds report of these women going for medical treatment and emerge from their anaesthesia minus their tubes.

    Monsanto’s free ‘seeds’ which should be called TERMINATOR seeds is to cull the human race. These seeds have wiped out American farmers, drove thousands of Indian farmers to suicide.

    Happy now, Amerikaners? Your country is a MURDERER. You breed MURDERERS. Your regime called ‘government’ protects Monsanto MURDERERS. You elect MURDERERS. Is it a surprise that disaster after disaster strikes your satanic land?

    China incinerated 3 shipments of GMO poisonous wheat. China, Japan, Korea and the rest of the Far East have banned American wheat. Kill your citizens, Evil Amerika. Leave the rest of the world ALONE!!

    Recently we saw marches AGAINST America’s CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – MONSANTO.

    Marches calling for a Complete Ban on Monsanto within the US, at least 60 countries worldwide, including Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, South Australia, Russia, France, and Switzerland, have implemented outright bans of Monsanto and its genetic modification of food products.

    So, how and when did this EVIL from Satan’s PIT come about? The US agribusiness lobby, the lobby of Bush Sr. (yeah, that paedophile) as president in 1992. Monsanto went to the White House and had a closed-door meeting with Bush, and got him to agree to make sure there are no government tests whatsoever on the health and safety of GMO products before they were released to the commercial public. That was called the doctrine of ‘substantial equivalence’–(F W Engdahl) Also Engdahl’s recent —–

    and the culling of the human race began!! Now endorsed by the Stinking Nigger Mass Murderer 0bama. He’s paid Millions for his signature. He signs, you die.

    Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s – Full Movie

    Wake up people. Control the food. Control peoples and nations!

  3. On such an IMPORTANT subject as GMO foods that has already killed 2.5 million Americans, Amerikaners are NOT INTRESTED to contribute. A nation hell bent on SUICIDE. Die please. And quickly. Just Leave the rest of us alone.

  4. QV, the majority of Amerikaners are so dumbed down from drinking their gubmint’s fluoride cocktail and so ill from Monsanto’s insecticides setting up shop in their guts, that they’re beyond rehabilitation. They’re totally brain dead.

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