SYRIA-Assad Is Winning His Country Back But, John McCain HATES That. He Wants Jihadists In Charge

SYRIA-Assad Is Winning His Country Back But, John McCain HATES That. He Wants Jihadists In Charge

Anyone that knows anything about this Syrian ‘crisis’ understands that Obama helped fuel the Arab Spring – which is really a nitemare for countries in the middle east that are already in dire straits. 

Now, McCain – the fruitloop, war-monger says that the ‘situation is worsening in Syria because the rebels are losing’. Wow, boo hoo.  I feeeel soooo bad for Al Qaeda. McCain needs to resign and we need to demand he gets stuffed into a straight jacket.. Plenty of nursing homes in Phoenix where they can force-feed him 300 mg of thorazine 3x a day.  McCain is helping WW3. He may have served, this is correct, but he is deluded about this situation-OR he is helping a Muslim revolt. I believe the latter. Ever since he became a politician, he is wrong on just about everything.

Click to read the sickos synopsis: McCain-Syria crisis worsening

L U N A T I C.

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  2. The think I don’t catch the meaning mr mc Kane is with terroriste p s help me to
    Catch America must get the nation on prosperity for he good futur but the people
    American I’m Canadian so part of the family and wer making sacrifice like you du
    Because with war its note so good vision for tue next generation

  3. The people in charge of Syria (ASSAD) is just trying to run his country.
    The “rebels” are JIHADISTS.
    Assad is fighting THEM.

    McCain is WITH the ‘rebels’

  4. The patriot in fury.
    Tell your psychopaths in America to think of the future generation. To your psychopaths running America, all future generations, save the degenerate progeny of the elites, are cannon fodder. To be used in their wars, then discarded. Kissinger thinks that military men are nothing but dumb animals to be used as pawn.

    Syria is WINNING because the people and the army are fighting for their country, their children, their families. Evil America and Evil Britain and Evil France with the rest of the degenerates of the West are fighting for GREED. They would align with TERRORISTS to achieve this heinous aim. Al-Qaeda is a CIA invention. Shitlery Clinton admitted so. Russia and China are with Syria, as DECENT nations would. Evil America, serving and worshipping Satan is at war with God. Their darling rebels massacred and wiped out a Christian village in Syria. Amerikaners are SILENT. One American jew shit wrote that those Christians deserve to die horribly in the manner they did because of their ancestor’s crimes, a thousand years ago, against Jews. The West ‘Christians’ (are there any????) DO NOT CARE about Christians being slaughtered in the ME for the intent is to give their darling muslims, they arselick, a Christian free ME. The West is after all into atheism and worship of LBGT.

    FUKUS are LIARS. Caught out time and again. The sarin gas the Whores of western media repeated that Assad used on his people was discovered by the Syrian Army in the hands of the West’s darling rebels!!

    Moscow is playing chess with dumb West. Moscow maintains with a poker face that all its weapons transfers to the Assad regime are perfectly legitimate traffic under international law involving two sovereign governments. The S-300 have already been delivered.

    The Syrian Army captured Al-Qasayr, the town which commands the high road from Syrian Homs to Lebanon’s Hermel Mountains. This was a Major Victory. Iranian arms for Hizbollah can now go through Syria to destination unobstructed. It cuts off the West’s darling rebels main supply and communication route via Lebanon which the West arselicking darlings Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE send fighters, arms and funds.

    I understand North Koreans have dispatched a group of elites into the Golan and Syria. It is reported the surge by Iran-Hizbllah-Syria has stunned Israel and FUKUS . The next battles should get interesting. We’ll see how brave the West are in taking on the N Koreans, Persians, and Russians, not to mention the very brave Syrian Army.

    May the Evil John McCain die at the hands of North Koreans. They spared him once. Not now.

    And God damn FUKUS and their darling allies – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE.

  5. One American jew shit wrote that those Christians deserve to die horribly in the manner they did because of their ancestor’s crimes, a thousand years ago, against Jews

    This is the way a LOT of US Jews are, QV. Sincerely wacked. Many Israelis Jews are the same way.

    “Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay”

  6. The stinkiest truth is, it was the most (UN) Holy Roman Catholic Church that was reponsible for the LIES that Jews killed Christ . The Inquisition was from the sick, deranged, satanic minds of the Jesuits. Christians were kept ignorant, stupid, donkeys under the yoke of Catholicism.

    Pope Benedict, before he retired, extolled that the Jews were NOT responsible for the crucifixion of Christ, but ROME.

  7. Good, thanks, QV… But dont make me too proud to be an American 😀

  8. Let’s face reality. America is a TERRORIST nation, as are Bankrupt, Broken, Bonkers Britain, and Parasite , Bankrupt France.

    America: Amerikaners and their so-called psychos/sociopaths called ‘leaders’ have blinders on. The reality is the era of American dominance in international affairs may well be coming to an end. And both country and people are NOT ready to accept the fact.

    Global leaders – whether policymakers or intellectuals – bear a responsibility to prepare their societies for impending global shifts. Asia, led by China, is taking that responsibility seriously.
    BUT too many American leaders are shirking this responsibility. They have rose-coloured specs on when dungheads like Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations that the US “could already be in the second decade of another American century.” Likewise, Clyde Prestowitz, the president of the Economic Strategy Institute, has said that “this century may well wind up being another American century.”

    Mathematics is against the Blind, Deaf, Dumb Amerikaners. With 3% of the world’s population, the US can no longer dominate the rest of the world, because Asians, with 60% of the world’s population, are no longer underperforming. But the belief that America is the only virtuous country, the sole beacon of light in a dark and unstable world, continues to shape many Americans’ worldview. American intellectuals’ failure to challenge these ideas – and to help the US population shed complacent attitudes based on ignorance – perpetuates a culture of coddling the dumb, docile public.

    Ah, then they resort to LIES about China. Have the so-called oh so democracy, human rights FUKUS discerned that China, which remains a closed society in many ways, has an open mind, whereas the US is an open society with a closed mind. With Asia’s middle class set to skyrocket from roughly 500 million people today to 1.75 billion by 2020, the US will not be able to avoid the global economy’s new realities for much longer. Britain and France are already DEAD.

  9. FRANCE: the joke of a country since Marshall Petain. Today, right this moment, France is in the grip of a crisis. As both its economy and European influence weaken, scandal has hobbled its political elite. The country needs drastic overhaul, but President Hollande does nothing but waver and hesitate. Leadership? France has not heard of it since de Gaulle.

    But to the moaning,groaning 35 days working French, they are the greatest. Doesn’t the imperial magnificence of the Elysee Palace, Rooms with five-meter (16-foot) ceilings, gilded chandeliers, candelabras and elaborate stucco work guarded by members of the Republican Guard, who parade in front of the palace gates with their plumes of feathers and bayonets represent European if not world power? LOL!!!
    Outside, throughout the country, unemployment reaches new highs each month, factories are shut down daily, hundreds of thousands take to the streets to protest gay marriage, and the French are increasingly outraged over a barrage of new political scandals as the country hovers on the cusp of waning global relevance.
    France elites live in a bubble. While they tell their hoi polloi – eat cake! No guillotines being constructed, yet.

  10. Error. It should read 35 hours a week work that has almost all of France working population screaming for shorter hours. And they want full welfare benefits. Talk about a civilisation on its last gasping breath.

  11. The less said about that Greedy Isles of Parasites aka Britain the better. A people so repulsive and so cowardly they focus on being excellent dhimmis while groveling, sniveling and arselicking the muslims their treacherous leaders Tony Blair and his cohorts flooded their isles to breaking point.
    Most Britons want to emigrate. The youths with excellent degrees can’t find a job. Britain’s Whitehall decided that jobs are for foreigners. The Brits can go scavenge on rubbish bins.
    Britain is also the place where if a person uses excessive force in protecting his family who is being held at knife point during a home invasion robbery, the self righteous and body guard protected hypocrites of the ruling Marxist regime of the UK will slap him down and send him to prison, not the thieves, the victims who fought back.

    Britain at this moment isn’t really sane. It is gripped by a kind of collective derangement.
    On the same day that Qusayr fell, the British and French governments hysterically demanded that Obama undertake a total bombing campaign against Syria. Get it Amerikaners? The scum cowards want you, the American GI to take the lead and shoulder the risk in a perilous attack on Syria and die for ‘em craven Brits and French so they can live to fight another day, and take the major portion of the spoils. Russia, Iran and its proxies are waiting in the wings for such an attack.
    William Hague the Plague and Eton snob David Cameron are hollering for their darling rebels so much so Peter Oborne, the chief political commentator of the Daily Telegraph of London, asks the question, in a June 5 column, that should be obvious to all: Why is British Prime Minister David Cameron putting Britain on the side of al-Qaeda in the conflict in Syria? He is questioning Cameron’s sanity.
    “We are not on the side of democracy,” Oborne concludes. “As Sir Peter Tapsell hinted in the Commons, Britain has wholeheartedly backed the Sunni camp — Saudi, the Gulf States, and al-Qaeda — in its increasingly bloodthirsty and horrifying conflict against Shia Islam. There may be some very good reasons for this, but I do wish that the Prime Minister would re-engage with the real world, come out publicly, and explain what they are.”

    You see dear Peter Osborne, your PM is a duffer when it comes to islam.

    As for America’s Nigger 0bama, he and his cabal of LIARS are doing just what LIARS do – LIE, LIE, LIE. About Syria. About Russia. America’s leadership is populated with LIARS. It was a LIE that had 5 million Vietnamese slaughtered and 58,000 Americans killed. The POWs left behind are in Kissinger’s words: dumb animals to be used as pawn in foreign policy. Charming, wouldn’t you say, Amerikaners?

  12. Hey FUKUS filthy citizenry. You that hate Christianity and arselick the muslims, you who support your government’s EVIL in Syria. This must make your day.

    The USA’s allies in Syria have executed a 14-year-old boy in front of his parents.

    Mohammad Qataa sold coffee at a street stall in Aleppo in Syria.

    The executioners are working for the USA and NATO. Always remember that.

    Mohammad was whiplashed and then shot dead in front of his parents.

    The executioners are thought not to be Syrians.
    In Damascus, in Syria, the USA’s allies hanged a small child after killing all his family.

    The anti-Assad rebel groups have a history of murdering children.

    Saudi Wahhabi cleric Mohammad al-Arifi called on the Syrian rebel groups to prevent the leakage of pictures of their attacks against the Syrian army and civilians.

    A particularly nauseating piece … of pro-Islamist propaganda … by the Washington Post

    May you choke to death while chewing your food, Evil Citizenry of FUKUS. Your silence is the reason why INNOCENTS are being massacred. Get ready to have your cock circumcised and your clitoris removed.

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