I Think Edward Snowden Should Go Live In Freedom In Russia

I Think Edward Snowden Should Go To Freedom. Russia

Edward Snowden

Snowden made a decision to reveal the fascism of the Obama regime and now Russia has offered him asylum there.  If you act in freedom, you should live free.  Russia now possesses  the principles  America USED to have.  We should all do things to antagonize the Obama administration. Perhaps we will be granted asylum.

Thank you Russia, doing the job America REFUSES to do, now.

By the way- This is Russia, today-beautiful, wholesome people:

Click-The MEDIA~Russian People Are Wholesome … – The Mad Jewess


4 thoughts on “I Think Edward Snowden Should Go Live In Freedom In Russia

  1. I agree. Snowden should join Gerard Depardieu , the French actor who cursed his native France for its blood-sucking 100% tax, turned his back on that godforsaken bankrupt country and was made a citizen of Russia by Putin, himself. Steven Seagal is in Russia helping the Russkies to teach their youths martial arts. America’s very, very Evil arms would not be able to reach Snowden in Russia. The Russkies would nab the oh so stupid Americans who try as they did recently the third secretary turned CIA stooge.

    America is a TERRORIST nation where TYRANNY rules. Why are the scums in Congress and Senate not Questioning what the Nigger 0bama did to Jack Ryan to win his senate seat, with the aid of some judge shopping and the Chicago Tribune? And that was W/O the assistance of the NSA and the power of the presidency behind him.

    Snowden is a HERO. Given how the Obama regime has used the IRA, HHS, and other agencies as weapons against what it perceives as its political adversaries, does anyone doubt that this data (to identify political enemies) could be used the same way?

    All who are against Snowden are the real TRAITORS. Dumb Amerikaners who thought their personal data was safe will now be subjected to blackmail, target for assassination, living under extreme stress knowing the Evil Nigger has access to all their personal data – private e-mails, internet activity, communications with one’s doctor, lawyer, accountant, family, friends, etc.

    Yet, there will be Dumb and Incredibly Stupid Amerikaners who will call Snowden a traitor to mask their Evil Intent.

    So much for the “land of the free” HA. HA. HA. HA. HA.

    BTW Amerikan dungheads, Russia is the FREEST nation in the world. Go eat your GMO popcorn and live in ILLUSION. Enjoy your nation that is in the SHITHOUSE!

  2. Snowden has left Hong Kong, an administrative state of CHINA, where he first took refuge. You see, the East is Safe. The West is not. Meanwhile, America’s Nigger and the man in charge of the Middle Kingdom failed to reach an agreement on cyber-espionage.
    To avoid electronic eavesdropping, Xi and his delegation decided at the last minute to stay in a downtown hotel away from the summit’s grounds. China has blocked Facebook and YouTube. Thus Beijing has inadvertently protected the private information of Chinese citizens (at least from Washington), and denied the US government billions of pieces of potentially useful data about the Chinese economy, military, and government. Shitlery and the US made a hullabaloo about it, several months ago. Today, the PRISM programme has provided Beijing with a golden justification for continuing to restrict access to certain websites. Washington’s calls for freedom of information are to be viewed in a HYPOCRITICAL light in the wake of the PRISM programme’s public outing.

    Washington’s vocal denunciations of Beijing’s aggressive cyber activities have served little purpose other than angering Beijing, exposing American hypocrisy abroad, and justifying increased domestic control and surveillance over the Internet by the American government.

    A report in People’s Daily claimed that in the first five months of 2013, more than 4,000 US-based control servers “hijacked” 2.91 million mainframes in China. China set up its Great Firewall of China against America’s PRISM.

    The Cyber War is here. My bet: China and Russia will win.

    Oh BTW, the Germans are up in arms with TYRANT America. They demand America’s Nigger Flatulence of Failures aka a Terrorist/Communist explain America’s Stasi Methods.


    Land of the free. HAHAHAHAHOOHOOOHEHEHE!!

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