Obama Admin Sues BMW Plant For Not Employing Black FELONS

Obama Admin Sues BMW Plant For Not Employing Black FELONS

Posted by David Ben Moshe-

I can just imagine a German company angry enough that they have to hire black people and now the government not only wants to hire blacks but black felons.  If I were BMW and I was forced to hire black felons, I would pull my plants out of America.  People in America do not have a right to hire who they want to hire.  This is what ‘freedom’ looks like.

In America, we don’t hire based on character, we hire solely based on skin color.  This is proof:

ClickFrom Fox Carolina…

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11 thoughts on “Obama Admin Sues BMW Plant For Not Employing Black FELONS

  1. did they fire white felons, jewish felons, chinese felons, or are the liberals just making a point with partial information.

  2. I have to agree with my husband.
    This ‘equality’ is not for Whites, Jews or Asians and based SOLELY on skin COLOR: Black

  3. This is strange! On every job application that I have ever filled out, I have always been asked if I had committed any felonies. I assumed that by asking that question, it was a way of weeding employees who might be deemed undesirable, perfectly legal. Since when has the government stepped in and demanded that any business hire anyone with a criminal record? All government employees are subject to the same screening. What in the hell is going on?

  4. This is fun. Let’s see how Germany/EU handles this nigger cocaine addict in the land of………??? fill in the blanks, amerikaners.

  5. It’s very hard to find blacks who are not felons. Our jails, are for the most part, our black universities!

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