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Fascist, NAZI WordPress.Com Is Monitoring The Mad Jewess-BIGTIME

Click, solidarity: Is WordPress censoring conservative blogs?

Not only are my stats a lie, many of my friends are not getting their subscriptions. I am just a small site, not huge.  I do know I am read by many outlets who are ashamed of me but USE our news (Not half as much as I am ashamed of them for being COWARDS)  And never linking us, pretending they dont know us. Scared to death of being called racists more than dying of cancer or something like that.

My husband has emailed wordpress 4X this week to no avail.  They don’t mind taking a little dough, but they will not EVER write back to help us out and FIX their STALINIST statistics..  We use to have many thousands a day, especially in late 2012 on up to April 2013. Then, Obama probably told them to shut us up for calling him what he is; a Murderer, liar, evil, satanic, dumb, asshole etc.  If we blogged about how liberals are wonderful and not debaucherous sobs, they would FIX OUR STATS.

NO, WordPress is not threatening to ‘shut me down’. Its much more cleverer than that.   They just mess with our statistics.  Make it look like all the work we do is for nothing. Its a psych game.  I am not alone in this.  Many WordPress folks have expressed their displeasure about this situation. 

SO, we are looking into hiring an investigator to see who else they are doing this to, how they do it and so forth.  They have this post as their statement:

Click-Freedom of Speech — WordPress.com – Get a Free Blog

Click to see this: WordPress betrays free speech – WND



(BTW COWARDS who never link us or credit us: You dont have to Twitter me, f/b me, reblog.  Most people dont give a shit if we live or die, ditto back at ya.)