#MichaelHastings: Writing Book About #NSA? Witness’s Say “Sound Like Bomb Went Off” @ Accident

#MichaelHastings: Writing Book About NSA? CIA? Witness’s Say “Sound Like Bomb Went Off” @ Accident

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.. Eh, Obama?  We know you watch us as well.  We have our own surveillance, my husband and I.  So what did Mr. Hastings know that would have shook up this regime?  If he was writing a book about the CIA or the NSA, what does he know?

My guess is there may be an investigation and poof, the story will be gone in a month. This is how we do justice in O’MeriKa thanks to Darrell Issa.

If you think “I” am conspiracy oriented.. Just think if it is not a conspiracy:

Obama’s ‘Dead Pool‘ – Nachumlist

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  1. Michael Hastings was Breitbarted. He was an active member of Project PM, a crowd-sourced research effort to expose government intelligence contractors. The Project PM wiki states. “Consider doing a bit of research on the companies and government agencies listed on this wiki, or even adding new topic for investigation by our participants.”

    Hours Before His Death Michael Hastings Contacted Wikileaks Attorney Said

    Of all the writings on Michael Hasting’s Assassination, the best, imo, is hereunder.


  2. The Lord watches Obama and his henchmen twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Lord has the best intelligence network on the planet.

    Dreams about Obama:

    “Obama is Fallen, is Fallen!

    “Gorges Smythe’s Dream”

    “Obama Will Leave the White House”

    “The Downfall of Barack Obama”

    “Barack Obama and the Media”


    And one more:

    “A Confederacy of Fools”

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