#AmericanHypocrisy: Why Is No One Asking Why Snowden Feels Safer In China Or Russia?


#AmericanHypocrisy: Why Is No One Asking Why Snowden Feels Safer In China Or Russia?



I realize our nation is absolutely gone and it will only get worse.  The loss of country the last 15 plus years, these last 5 being the absolute worst has me in a state where I ask many questions now.  I’m not afraid to be humbled about my own pride.  My own pride and stupidity is that I believed in American ‘freedom.’  Now, I see that was a complete sham.  The reason it is a complete sham is because we have had Communists working to destroy this nation every single day since the 1950’s.  We also have well meaning conservative people who just refuse to see that this country is NOT the great America they all want to believe.


I no longer trust big brass in the military because I have a rep here in AZ who tells me they CANT be trusted.  And here is the kicker that nobody is bothering to ask in the Snowden case scenario:  Why does he feel safer in China/Russia?  Some think Putin is ‘in it with Obama’.  How a person can think that is beyond me.  America now embraces Communism, and the Russians are what America used to be.  Putin is not the ‘best’, but he is certainly FAR better than the shit we have occupying the White House by fraud and deceit.  At least he has a country that is seemingly – far more free.  I don’t know if this is the case with China, though.  But, for some reason, Snowden feels more confidence in Russia and China.  My guess is that these said governments are not trying to murder him, but his own IS.  Our government works against us 365 days a week, 24 hours a day.

People are also defaming the character of Snowden by saying he voted Obama & other sorts of things like this.  He said himself that he did NOT vote Obama.  He said he had hoped Obama would do a good job–which he does not.  Why the defaming of a person who obviously put his life in danger to help us? I dont get it.   Even Firefox has a link on its search engine “STOP WATCHING US”


At any rate: Here it is- the MSM are going to defame him and ‘conservatives’ are going to buy right in to it.  The fact is; Snowden put his life in danger to reveal that these creeps ARE spying on us.


People are supposed to be innocent UNTIL proven guilty.  Snowden is not guilty in my book.  If he is proven guilty by a NON US court, then, I may listen since our beloved justice system HATES Americans.

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    Have a blessed day!!!

  2. I don’t know about Snowden but this doesn’t make me feel any safer!!

    “Anal hazing apparently a thing
    now in American high schools

    …In the last year, there have been more than a dozen hazing incidents around the country involving high school boys who have sodomized other boys with foreign objects, reports Bloomberg. Over 40 boys have been reported victims. Most have been younger students.

    There’s a dearth of data concerning the size and scope of the national boy-on-boy anal hazing problem. Astonishingly, though, a study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence has claimed that nearly 10 percent of high school males report suffering some form of sexual assault including, in some cases, forced oral sex or rape….” from various News sources June 24, 2013

    Welcome to the world of Obama.

  3. Russia is “a very safe place” for the NSA leaker Edward Snowden as it will not be pressured by the US, former MI5 agent Annie Machon told RT as the whistleblower arrived in Moscow. ANY American would feel safe in Russia. A country where its President is a devout Orthodox Christian leading his officers including members of the Duma to attend mass, where a Bible is found in every classroom, where anus fucking is banned as are gay marches that Sodom & Gomorrah Amerikaners exult in. Putin is not a gay president. America’s filthy NIGGER is. Effeminate, weak, a preening Whore. Who dresses up as a woman and waits for anus to be rammed. Reflecting the nature of 154 million brain-damaged EVIL Amerikaners.

    Snowden was very canny to flee there in the first place because Russia and China are probably the only two countries who can effectively stand up to the brute force of US diplomacy these days. Now it appears that the warrant for his arrest was sent to Hong Kong, there were problems with the paper work and that allowed Snowden to flee Hong Kong, while the Chinese reply to the problems. Do you know Amerikaners, the hundreds of thousands Honkies protesting against Snowden’s extradition? Hong Kong, dumb Amerikaners, belong to China. Beijing decides. Savvy? And Honkies were complaining officially to the US for the US spying on them as soon as Snowden set foot on Hong Kong. Honkies and Chinese citizens were insisting that to accede to TERRORIST USA would mean ‘loss of face’ for the territory and China. FACE is very, very important out here. STUPID America.
    All that HYPOCRITE Bullshit about China hacking US systems when it is now made clear, thanks to HERO Edward Snowden has done a public service not only to the US people but to the people of the world in exposing quite how badly we are being watched and surveyed by the US and some NATO states. Edward Snowden is the HERO as observed by the Far East and Russia because he is dismantling effeminate, flatulence of failures NIGGER 0bama.

    Strategically, if he was to remain in Russia and Russia was seen to protect him, and not try and use him it would send a very strong message to the whole world about who exactly is the totalitarian state these days – is it the US or is it other countries like Russia or China? It is very clear to the rest of the world that America MURDERS patriots while TRAITORS , TERRORISTS, MASS MURDERERS are elected to high office.

    And China has all they need now to hack and break up the PRISM surveillance. Russia too will reap information about nuclear armed submarines and bombers off the US coast.
    So, thanks to Edward Snowden, every time a cyber terrorist logs onto their system, Beijing and Moscow will start tracking them to location and they will become targets. Don’t forget Amerikaners, you cannot fight against the other Nuclear States that will align with both China and Russia and wipe you out of the world’s map. We wait for that day.

  4. Americans are COWARDS. Don’t expect any oh so democracy, human rights BULLSHIt twerp and slut to respons. They are hiding under the bed.

  5. The simple fact that the Obama administration wants him SOOOOO badly speaks volumes – and it shouts that he is indeed a hero trying to save what is left of America. I want to know – what ELSE does he know that Obama is so desperate to shut him up about? May God bless him and protect him.

  6. Well, QV, there are a few nice Americans left.


    Must be genuine jews and true christians.

  7. BTW, 0bama the Nigger MUSLIM said in 2009 at the Cairo University Isam has a proud tradition of tolerance . So, the 6.5 born again Christians who voted for him should discard their Christianity and have their cock’s skin removed, and the women their clitoris. Then bend down 5 times/day smelling each other’s fart as you shrill allah to the blood curdling call to prayer . then become jihadis. The men will have 72 virgins to eternally fuck. The women??? What will they get? So, get a move on, 6.5 million born again American Christians.

    Any born again scum ‘christian’ care to respond? Or are youu busy sucking the muslim’s cock?

  8. On fire Q.V. let em rip! Under Satan’s Authority wants to play Sodom and Gomorrah with their manufactured mulatto maggot messiah let them reap the rewards. Russia doesn’t play games and is the wrong bear to be poking.

  9. I used to think that the “end times” prophecies about which the Bible speaks did not have any relation to the USA, that we were insignificant as to the world stage.

    As I was walking to class recently and thinking about all the news that has been breaking, I was suddenly overcome with the realization that WE are the Beast… the Head of the Snake. WE are the evil that will perpetrate Armageddon. I always thought Russia and China were the Great Evil Ones and I took a childish comfort in the righteousness and innocence of my country; that has turned out to be a colossal, satanic deceit.

    My only comfort now is knowing that God is in control, and my responsibility is to obey Him and honor Him, speak His truth, and leave everything else up to Him.

  10. This is no simple matter, folks, especially Amerikaners. You have 6.5 million born again ‘christians’ who are evangelists with their own flock of dumb rats following the piper to their doom. These are the ones who will promote and push ChrisIslam throughout the continent, and any true Christian that resists will be hunted down and persecuted. They elected Satan’s man of perdition – the very ugly, cocaine ridden, good for nothing except to do evil on America and the rest of the world, who gratuitously insults the United States as an immature nation within his inauguration speech, a giggly, effeminate craven cretin who shivers at Vladimir Putin’s cold, steely blue eyes (Chris Patten described them as ‘killer eyes’ when talk turned to Chechnya or Islamic extremism) an anus fucker who murders his anus fucking partners when he bores of them, a nigger swine incapable of even managing a lemonade stand, a smelly malformed useless eater allergic to any kind of work, a braggart with his golf swings, a violent defender and prostitute of muslims and islam, who was crowned the One by 154 million American prostitutes who elected him and the Prostitute party known as DemonRats. These are the ones who subverted the interests of the nation and even subordinated the American Constitution to a cult of personality, where nothing matters except the blameless of the One. The media Whores, sucking cocks and cunts, are ever ready to spin, spin, spin. Endangering the entire world.

    These are the ones who have helped the spread of erasing God from the home, society, country. What ails America (which is GONE! For good ) is fundamentally a spiritual disease, which manifests itself as cultural degradation, which in turn manifests as political corruption, dysfunction and lawlessness. America’s culture that 154 million Americans with full approval of its church is like the BLOB. It keeps oozing through, advancing, spilling, suffocating and consuming everything in its path. Yet, in coming days, you will see mor e millions of Americans mindlessly, gleefully embrace the BLOB when it provides them whatever would gratify their lust, greed, envy, etc.

    Nothing of this sort would happen in my part of the world. We’d eliminate them before they make ground. But then, we are not oh so democracy, human rights BULLSHIT nations. Buddhism is thriving well in China, and honoured too. Russia’s Vladimir Putin promised 100 % support for Russian Buddhists during a visit to the country Buryatia republic where 20% of the population is Buddhist. Throughout the Far East, Buddhists live happily, struggling within themselves the 5 precepts.

    And No, we do NOT allow muslims place their mats to pray. 154 million Americans that elected the MUSLIM NIGGER, the grandson of a convicted and executed TERRORIST, the apostate church, the prostitutes led by Nancy Pelosi in the DemonRats party (she had imams conduct prayers on Sunday – America maintained Golden Silence) can enjoy Muslims Fart. 5 times/day. How’s the smelling of muslims fart coming along? Fills Amerikaners with vigour?

    Now you understand why America is in the SHITHOUSE and up to the eyeballs covered in SHIT. Nigger Muslim Shit.

  11. China calls the USA MAD INVADER. China knows LUNATICS are on the loose — amongst the leaders and the populace. Revelation 18 is reserved for Psychopath America.

  12. Hah! MF Lindsay graham sends letter to Russia demanding return of Edward Snowden. Save your paper, useless, 0bama cock sucking coward! Who proved a traitor to America. A fucking War Criminal. Like the rest of the war criminals in the 0bama psychopath war mongering regime.

    Hah! Threatening Russia. When shameless, spineless, stupid America has no moral ground whatsoever. Never had. Never did. Since 1947. Fuck America. That elects an anus fucker to be potus.

    China calls America MAD invader, Eavesdropper. The Global Times praises Edward Snowden for ‘tearing off Washington’s sanctimonious mask’. “The world will remember Edward Snowden,” the newspaper said. “It was his fearlessness that tore off Washington’s sanctimonious mask”.”Instead of apologising, Washington is showing off its muscle by attempting to control the whole situation,” the Global Times said.
    The difference between the USA and China, dear reader, is: US citizens have been duped into believing that they live in a democracy which respects their human rights. At least the Chinese people know where they stand.

    And Putin says: Niet. No extradition. Dismissing U.S. criticisms as “ravings and rubbish”. That’s because America is a Continent with lunatics governing the nation .

    After Snowden, America is judged so very ugly and hypocritical. Like the 154 million evil Amerikaners. And the US 0bama cock sucking media whores that are reportng spin spin spin. With the 0bama cock addict Jay Carney leading them.

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