Blacks To MURDER White People On Twitter, But Paula Deen Says ONE WORD, Is Being Sued

Blacks To MURDER White People On Twitter, But Paula Deen Says ONE WORD, Is Being Sued

I have already stated that America is under the curses of Deut 28. It does not have to be this way.  Gods arm is never toO short that he will not hear a repentant spirit in agony over national sin. God may be with you, PERSONALLY, but nationally he is not with America..

Paula Deen says ONE word 27 yrs ago (“Nigger”) and her life has been turned upside down.  Blacks are threatening to riot and murder ‘crackas’ on Twitter and that is OK to the MSM who wont ever report it.  The word war is being won by evil people-obviously.  In my opinion, racism is racism.  The racism is now directed AT white people. How do we stop a murdering trend like this?  First, turn to God. Always.  2nd: EXPOSE IT. 3rd RID ourselves of it in any way possible. As sometimes cleansing must begin and end with blood–unfortunately.

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  1. The Kenyan marxist muslime faggot bathhouse queen thinks he is Ape Lincoln so you knew a hybrid civil/race war was gonna happen.

  2. This George Zimmerman trial is one of the greatest shams in the history of the American judicial system. And you realize — if you’re at all familiar with the American judicial system — that’s quite a statement.

    I don’t usually follow these sideshow murder cases. Generally, when the nation is wrapped up in the scandalous details of an alleged homicide, it’s simply because the victim or the defendant is a hot chick in her twenties, or because the accused perpetrator is a famous celebrity or athlete (step right up, Aaron Hernandez). I could care less about any of that. Attractive women sometimes kill people, many Hollywood and sports stars are deviant thugs — I get it. Those facts don’t shock me or surprise me or even interest me in the slightest.

    This Zimmerman case, on the other hand, is something different. What we’re witnessing is a blatant and obvious attempt to railroad an innocent man. This isn’t State of Florida vs. Zimmerman. This is Politically Charged, Race Baiting, Anti-Gun Hysteria vs. Guy Who Clearly Acted in Self Defense. This is a man on trial for murder, even though the State has no evidence against him, no cogent or even coherent theory of the crime, no clear motive, no reliable witnesses and not even a shred of solid circumstantial evidence. This is a joke. That is, if you can find any humor in the Kangaroo Court bull sh*t on display right now.

    Zimmerman’s version of events is supported by the evidence, by the injuries he sustained in the altercation, by the 911 call and by — and this is important — pure logic and reason. If you are going to accuse the man of hopping out of his truck and hunting down a black kid to brutally murder him for no reason, you better have SOME sort of proof to support that wild and unlikely theory. Instead, what do they have? Well, a few things:

    First, they’ve got the court of public opinion on their side. The problem is that the members of that court, as per usual, have no freaking clue what they’re talking about. I still run into people who think Zimmerman said in the 911 call that Trayvon Martin looked suspicious BECAUSE he was black. Right, small problem there, chief. You’re thinking of the tape that NBC edited and doctored to advance their race hustling narrative. Zimmerman was only charged with murder AFTER and BECAUSE the entire world got itself into a tizzy over the case, but they only got into said tizzy because the media overtly and intentionally lied about the facts of the incident. I also still hear about this mythical exchange where Zimmerman was told by the 911 operator not to pursue Martin and he refused to listen. Yeah, again, slight issue here. That didn’t happen. It just didn’t. Listen to the tape. The real tape, not the mass media version. The operator told him not to pursue and he said “OK.” He got out of his truck briefly to find an address to tell the cops, and then began walking back to his truck. It was at this moment that Martin confronted and attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman’s version of the altercation is supported by the head and facial injuries he incurred. The prosecution’s version, on the other hand, pretends these injuries didn’t exist (despite the photographs on file with the local police department).

    The second thing the State has is a witness. Well, a few witnesses. They’ve got a couple of women who testified to hearing someone yell “help.” They said it sounded like a “boy” because it was “high pitched.” Well, Trayvon Martin was 17 — not 12 — which means he’d probably been through puberty. 17 year old males don’t typically have “high pitched” voices. Sometimes, admittedly, grown men can have a bit of a falsetto to their voice. Actually I recently heard a guy with a voice like that… What was his name again? Oh yeah, George Zimmerman. Anyway, upon cross examination both women admitted they have no clue who screamed. So there goes that. But what about the prosecution’s “star” witness. Martin was on the phone with someone in the minutes leading up to the fateful incident and that person has been testifying in court the past couple of days. Uh-oh! Looks like Zimmerman’s goose is cooked.

    Or… not.

    Turns out their “star” witness is a 19 year old high school senior named Rachel Jeantel. A couple of interesting things about Ms. Jeantel: 1) She’s been caught lying multiple times. 2) Her telling of events contradicts her deposition statements, her statements to police, and the physical evidence. 3) She’s uncooperative, disrespectful, sarcastic, incoherent, unintelligible, and hostile. 4) She can’t read, apparently. The defense asked her to read a letter she supposedly wrote detailing her conversation with Trayvon Martin on the night of the altercation, and she was unable to do so. As in, she literally couldn’t read the text of the note. A note she said she wrote. She’s been a disastrous embarrassment on the stand, and she’s, essentially, the foundation for the prosecution’s entire case. Like I said, this is a sham.

    No evidence, no credible witnesses, no motive, no case, nothing. But, you know, Trayvon Martin liked Skittles so that alone proves homicide. Or something.

    This whole thing is a disgrace.

  3. This whole thing is a disgrace.

    No. it is not. Whiteys are partly responsible for the current state of affairs.

  4. Pre orders of Paul Deen’s newest cookbook were up by 1300% as of Wednesday. It could be higher by now. The people have spoken.

  5. Yeah, the PEOPLE are tired of the selective, moronic outrage!
    Good for Paula Deen.
    Hope she learned her lesson

  6. QV says, “Whiteys are partly responsible for the current state of affairs.”

    True. Imagine if 2000 whites marched every time a black raped or murdered a white, anywhere in the country. I mean a peaceful march to show race solidarity and as a warning.

    “We could just as easily do this IN your neighborhood.”

    But we’ve been taught not to make trouble. And we think that’s a virtue.

    Meanwhile, the race hustlers and the grievance monkeys chimp out at the drop of a word.

    I hope there are riots. And I hope they spread to the wrong neighborhoods.

    Florida was third in gun ownership.

    Click to access Gun-Ownership-By-State.pdf

    Great coverage on

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