Dog Crap Is Better Than Obama

Dog Crap Is Better Than Obama

My friend is really upset with the Muslim slime occupying the White House.  Here are her feelings:

He disgusts me more than the dog crap in my backyard. More than the grossest vomit.  If I had to choose between crap or Obama, I would take the crap.  It does not stink half as much as that pig.  At least with dog crap, you can scrape it off your shoe, but you’re stuck with Obama.’


9 thoughts on “Dog Crap Is Better Than Obama

  1. There are numerous pictures of flies landing on Obama for real. It was suggested that there might be a connection between Obama and Beaalzabulb, a very powerful demon, possibly Satan.

    That posting about the firefighters had me crying. I’ll be praying for their families. My youngest son Joel, is a firefighter, and I know how much his wife worries about him. I do too.

  2. Yep, I know Denise.
    He is crap, so its natural for flies to land on it

  3. We wouldn’t mind if CRAP loved by 154 million brains between their legs Amerikaners buried America with CRAP. We do mind, very much, that the CRAP’s stink and evil is poisoning the rest of the world.

  4. The only significant difference between Obongo and dog shit, as far as I can tell, is that you can’t impeach dog shit. Nor would you want to, because dog shit is a pretty good guy.

  5. I suppose that Obama is a “pretty good guy,” if you hate the G-d of Israel, your fellow jews, and have no love for the land. If you hate freedom, love homosexuality, the murder of babies, if you love Islamic jihad, and if you have a zeal for Allah, then yes, I suppose that Obama seems pretty awesome.

  6. Deniseandros, I was saying that DOGshit is a pretty good guy–whereas Obama is worse than dog shit. I’ve never had dog shit call be a cracker, or start a riot, or be on welfare, or…well, everything you said about Obongo. Dog shit sort of minds its own biz.

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