Prescott, AZ FIRE: The Mad Jewess’s Town Has Lost 19 Elite Fire-fighters In Wild Blaze

The Mad Jewess’s Town Has Lost 19 Fire-fighters In Wild Blaze

This is a few miles from me. Prescott Firefighters went to battle this blaze.  Yesterday, we had lightening with a freak rain-storm.  My guess is that lightening must have hit up on Yarnell Hill.  This is just a small community outside of Prescott.  The Prescott fire Dept lost 19 out of 20 elite fire fighters. 

Thank you for posting this, Grumpy:

More crews head to Arizona where 19 firefighters died battling wildfire

YARNELL, Ariz. — More crew members and a top-level management team are headed to an out-of-control wildfire in Arizona that killed 19 elite firefighters and destroyed much of a small town.
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I feel so awful for the families. Probably ALL young ladies and children. Just tragic. God, be with them. People crying all over town. Just sick and sad.

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  1. They have the most terrifying jobs – I knew some young “hot shots” in CA. God bless them and those they left behind.

  2. Tears flowing. Words fail against such immense sorrow. May all who are enduring the unimaginable pain inflicted by these events feel God’s compassionate touch upon them.

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  4. My Old Man was a professional fire fighter in DC – He believed it was a fire fighters job to go where others wouldn’t – He had a reputation in the department for practicing what he preached — Or so one of the current Chiefs told me almost thirty years after my father retired – From the way he said i got the impression he’d scared the hell out of the Chief a few times, way back when the chief had been a trainee..

    Anyway, I called the Old Man on 911 the first words out of his mouth were–

    I’ve never been so proud of being a fireman as I am today, I’ve never been as proud of my fellow fire fighters as I am today–

    He was a little choked up- I was over 50, never known him to choke up before.– If he was still around, you know what he’d be saying about the 19,,,,,,,,,,,,.

    MJ – put something together, I’ll feature it tomorrow –

    and send me an email

  5. Fire fighters are something special. Balls the size of coconuts and hearts to match. I’ll pray that they get rest and clean air up yonder.

  6. what a horrible tragedy,some of them had families and little kids…i hate sad stories…

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