Forgive Me, But I Will Not Be “Celebrating” DEPENDENCE Day

Forgive Me, But I Will Not Be “Celebrating” DEPENDENCE Day

Last year I got reamed for putting up a ‘negative’ Independence day post.  Oh well.  What is there to feel independent about? Nothing, in my opinion.  Not only does our fascist, Commu-Nazi, Stasi-style government seem hell-bent on destroying us, it  wants to make the rest of the world miserable, also.  What is there to celebrate?  Our founding fathers are sick with American complacency.  Rolling in their graves at American weak men who sit there and ALLOW this tyranny to continue.

You go ahead and ‘celebrate’. Shoot your fireworks off for nothing.  Meanwhile, I will be with the elderly, trying to make them feel good.  Most older people are DISGUSTED with you younger people.  They think you are big babies and I agree with them (Except for the FEW that bother to come here to post).

When people have their lives destroyed, like Paula Deen, just for saying a WORD, you are IN CHAINS.


6 thoughts on “Forgive Me, But I Will Not Be “Celebrating” DEPENDENCE Day

  1. Agreed MJ.
    What ARE we celebrating anyway? Politicians, our own complacency and our deliberate turning our backs on a righteous and loving God have brought us to the terrible predicament we now find ourselves in.
    This should be more a Yom Kippur day than Independence Day.

  2. You are correct. In truth, I have no ‘celebrated’ the 4th for MANY years.

  3. MJ – I agree, I stayed home today, this should be a day of national mourning for the cesspool that America has become.

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