American #ProLifers, Let’s Rethink Our Position When We See HAGS Like This…

American Pro-Lifers, Let’s  Rethink Our Position When We See HAGS Like This

Sorry, but ‘females’, or I should say – monsters like this do not deserve to live.  Please abort these evil bitches from our soil, expeditiously and find it in your heart to let their offspring die.  They are not worthy of life and their children will be a cancer as well.

Abortion, in this case…is not murder, it is justice. Ridding the earth of one of their evil seeds is good at this point, in my personal opinion..

New, Much Creepier Video of Pro Abortion Activists Chanting Hail Satan Outside Texas Capitol

These abortion-supporting provocateurs  have also been rejected by even Satanists.   (THAT is how evil these man-looking tramps are)

Sorry I feel this way, but these, uh…. people… have made me sick.  This is the face of great evil.

The Bad Seed, 1956:

10 thoughts on “American #ProLifers, Let’s Rethink Our Position When We See HAGS Like This…

  1. Holy smoke! Those hags will never have to even think about an abortion, as it seems they are already utilizing two zero-risk methods of birth control: their looks and their personalities.

  2. If I was on the jury and one of them was a murderer of their baby I would find it/her not guilty for ridding us of one of her evil seeds

  3. These evil freaks even used children in their protest. One little girl was made to hold a sign that said IF I WANTED GOVERNMENT IN MY WOMB, I WOULD F___ A SENATOR.
    Only a leftist anti-Christ bunch of idiots could do that.
    On a personal note, I do not think there is enough alcohol in this country to get me drunk enough to mate with one of these ugly skanks, so how do they get pregnant? are there really men that hard up?

  4. i don’t know any men in their right minds who would lay down with such she-male females…full of hatred,tattooos,pure manginas….

  5. Are they not DISGUSTING?
    For the first time in my life, they pushed me to support aborion

  6. If they do not want to have children then why do they not just buy a CORK.

  7. “Free abortion on demand. Without apology.”

    What teh f%$#@ does that even mean?

    “Gimme an abortion, NOW!”

    “Okay, Just sit down and shit the %$#& up.”

    “And I’m NOT sorry.”

    “Fine! Don’t be sorry. Who gives a $hit if you’re sorry?”

    “I dunno. I’m not going to apologize.”

    “Look, you ugly bald-ass-tattoo-lesbo-shit-head, I do NOT give a F%$#. Just spread ’em so I can give you an abortion…. Hey, there’s nothing in here but a few beer bottles and a 6 inch wide dildo.”

    “Oh, I wondered where that went.”

    “F^%$ng freek!”

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