I have nothing much to say right now. Nobody listens to what I say anyway.  That’s what I was told this weekend by someone.


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  1. Beautiful Roxanne……………….an if someone told you that they are just jealous of you.

    I see quite a few comments so some people do read. I tried to comment on a few posts but my signal went out. I have satellite out here in the country so it is flaky anyways on cloudy days.

    Hugs hope you have a nice day my friend ♥

  2. So femme that Roxanne! I love femme women who take pride in their appearance and don’t file a federal lawsuit when someone says you look lovely today. Rox looks like one of those. A handful of us listen and hope you are well and doing great and that beats zero people listening and visiting. Look at those pages that are long gone while your page is still going strong. Think informerman and his double digit IQ devotees and spies. Carry on.

  3. Ty so much Rhonda 😀 Just a little depressed. I’ll be OK
    God bless

  4. I don’t know who told you nobody listens, but they are full of crap. I read these posts everyday because they point out very important info. Continue to spout out whatever your heart and mind desires. And yes, Roxanne is gorgeous, very innocent looking. Keep the posts and pictures coming. (and smile once in a while)

  5. Nobody listens to what I say anyway

    MJ, Amerikaners don’t want to listen to what you say because Amerikaners are a very FEARFUL people. This is symptomatic of a nation that is protected by two oceans, has never been invaded but does the invasion on sovereign nations; that sits back and watch their Evil leaders do Satan’s work slaughtering at will; plundering so they’d get crumbs called ‘entitlement’ to fill their parasitic stomachs; that is so utterly stupid they believe everything and anything their Media Whores write without resorting to research or reading alternative media; that defend those who would write the Truth which is so anathema ; who would only read news that would make them feel good.

    The CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY committed by Amerikaners who elect EVIL as leaders does not bother majority Amerikaners. The comments by Amerikaners on so many blogs is testimony to that. Never have I seen so brainwashed, so incapable of thinkng a people , so devoid of empathy or sympathy a people as Amerikaners.

    Today, America the nation, and majority Amerikaners the people have allowed themselves to descend into Sodom & Gomorrah. And they have done it with glee. Till Fire & Brimstone hails down from the Heavens, and it will, Amerikaners will smirk and indulge in LBGT. With much gusto!

    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” – Galatians 6:7-8

  6. QV:

    The person said:

    I have to ‘roll with the punches’ regarding TSA.

    “Go along with NSA.”

    I said, “I wont ever go along with this shit”.

    The other person said:


    I say…no shit. YOU DONT LISTEN

  7. See, that person is a well programmed, well brain-washed, thinking not allowed zombie. Anyone who goes along with TSA suffer from a severe masochistic complex. She is THE problem. She is the fodder that allows America’s Evil leaders do what they want to destroy people and country.
    No country in Asia nor Europe does what America, the oh so democracy, human rights Bullshit land of the free does to its people at airports. We read of TSA’s Gestapo methods on the oldies, babies in diapers, 3 year old toddlers, the prostethic breast, arm, leg roughly pulled out and then left aside, pregnant ladies given a rough pat down and seen as a Security Threat, the humiliation that every American subjects himself /herself and their children to by these perverts, and we ask: Have Amerikaners Gone Out of Their Minds? It tells the rest of the world that Amerikaners are well trained ‘’’’’ there, there, good doggie….now roll over….good doggie.’’’’

    As for NSA, Amerikaners can enjoy their mail read, phone chats listened into, etc. We will increase our Cyber warriors and hack into America’s systems, with glee. Then wait for the Hypocrites of America to protest. Is America aware that when she speaks, the rest of the world LAUGHS?

    God, how low can a people sink? How pathetic can a people be? How deep a sinkhole have Americans created for themselves. A very, very Sick Continent, imo.

    I wonder what the bimbo would say when the Chinese march her to labour camp?

  8. MAD, if “Nobody” listens to what you say – then she has just identified herself as a nobody. Because she knew what you say. 😀

  9. I listen and you are the first I click onto in my e-mails, you make my day!!
    who says nobody listens to you, I’ll beat them up for you!!!
    Love You!!!!

  10. Exactly, QV.. I sat there looking at her with the UPMOST DISGUST.
    She then said I am ‘unforgiving‘.

    Ah yes, she also told me “You are too intense” HAHAHAHA….NO SHIT!!!!!

    I told her “I am to be ‘forgiving with people who want to lord it over me?!’

    Yes, she said, ‘just go along, be peaceful...’

    I replied. “NO MAAM”. Looked at the other person who knows me very well and I said:


    Bloody morons.

    Let em all die for their g’damned stupidity.. And THIS is what America is, you are right.

    Going to go read I am SO disgusted with this shit.

  11. People who matter are the ones that are listening.Of course dumb people won’t listen,they will go back to their little world in front of tv,praseing liberals and stay dumbed down.As long as there are good people that are speaking out,God will find a way to wake more people up.

  12. MJ – You said “Nobody listens to what I say anyway” – WRONG!!! You changed my mind on on the Israeli issue. I already agreed 100% with everything else you post. But your arguments won me over on that one too. That was some months ago, and just tonight I was reminded that choice is correct. I had a run-in with a hateful, spiteful anti-Zionist, antisemitic in every sense of the word, atheist, antichrist and anti-christian all around nastiest person i’ve run into on facebook. Wow, she called me just about every profanity imaginable just because i defended Alex Jones. That made me a “Zionist shill”??? Did i miss something??? Unbelievable! Thank you for removing my head from the sand!!!

    I just caught this in my news feed, thought you’d get a kick out of it, LoL!!!

    The Fraud of the Protocols of Zion

    Fraud??? Naaaaaaa, ya think??? LoL!!!

    Also, I read “The *REAL* Truth About The Talmud”. Another eye-opener!!! Yes, I’ve seen those nasty quotes floating around. I learned a long time ago, research all internet quotes very thoroughly. I still see bogus quotes floating around out here every day!!!

    See, some of us Listen. Our strength is Truth, not numbers!

  13. Jewess, there are people that listen to you. Don’t ever think otherwise. I don’t comment much on here but I do enjoy your “intensity”

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