#TNB ‘Son Of Obama’ Raped A 5 Yr Old In A Church

#TNB ‘Son Of Obama’ Raped 5 Yr Old In A Church

Why are they threatening to riot if Zimmerman goes free?  Looks to me like they already riot, murder and rape on a smaller scale, daily.

Click: Church child rape suspect due in court



DAYTON, Ohio – A 19-year-old accused of raping a child at a church is expected back in court Monday. Blake Cole is charged with raping a 5-year-old at Fort McKinley United Methodist Church in April. After his arrest, he entered a not guilty plea by reason of insanity. A judge will rule whether he’s competent to stand trial.


5 thoughts on “#TNB ‘Son Of Obama’ Raped A 5 Yr Old In A Church

  1. Oh my gosh that so disgusting! at times like this I say castration is due ! that bastard ! but that is not even good enough because I have read the weirdos will then use objects or their own hands. These disgusting PEOPLE need to be locked up together an rape each other in a nut house then. PRISON or a special place just for MOLESTERS full of only MOLESTERS to rape one another I think would be best!

  2. The Blacks are following the Muslims. Rape of 1 month old is OK — fatwa ruled.

    5 years old is OLD!

  3. IQ 80, tops.

    He and his kind are a necrotizing infection. Best treated with surgical steel and flame.

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