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GWB43: Why Are People Surprised That Bush Is For Amnesty? He Called Minute Men “Vigilanties”


It never ceases to amaze me that so many ‘conservative’  people worship the ground GWB walked on.  You have to be DAFT to do so.  He was a failure. Sorry, he was.  He started off right and caved to the radical left, time and time again.  He is the perp of the Patriot Act. He also signed one exec order after the next and abused his power.  

He is and has ALWAYS been for the illegals.

I have to be brutally honest:  A LOT of you really do not know shit from shinola about politics.  You really don’t.  And you push people to the background that have been in it longer than you.  One lady who is in charge of a T-Party said “I only started caring when Obama got in!” (On a Mike Savage show one night)  She knows ZERO! She’s STUPID.  You have NO damned clue HOW to fight the Commie-left wing fascists.  Anytime they call you ‘racist’, you run and cry.  Whereas, we who have been fighting these sob’s KNOW that whatever they accuse you of, you report on, you talk about. You post, you report. You get in their face, you use whatever epitaphs you have to.  You all just don’t know how to fight at all.

Bush called VOLUNTEER Minutemen ‘vigilantes.’  He made me SICK when he did this.  These men VOLUNTEERED their lives to go protect our border from the invasion: Something BUSH was supposed to do; Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution and he FAILED.  I knew MANY Minute men and still do.  GWB was a deficit-spending LIBERAL. And, whether you like it or not, Don Trump was 100% correct when he said “Bush gave us OBAMA”

HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE?!  This crap didn’t happen over night just because Obama is now the WORST.  Bush helped Obama get where he is.

Here, read it yourself: 

Bush Decries “Vigilantes,” For Reasonable Immigration Policy

Bush was an IDIOT.

You think true conservatives made videos like this just for the hell of it?

(Stop crying, GP)