SCOTUS OKs Obama Impeachment Proceedings?

SCOTUS OKs Obama Impeachment Proceedings?!

The truth: Impeachment is the investigation of the President. A successful impeachment ends with him being ejected from office.

Hat tip- CM Blake

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10 thoughts on “SCOTUS OKs Obama Impeachment Proceedings?

  1. Please read Dr. Vieira’s treatise on why Obama should NOT be impeached. I wholly agree with Dr. V. Obama is a Usurper who has never been the bona-fide POTUS. Impeachment is necessary to remove a bona-fide “Sitting President”. Insofar as Obama does NOT legally occupy the Office of the President of the United States of America,Obama can be ARRESTED and tried as a Common Criminal in the U.S. District Court in D.C. The fact that Obama has usurped the Presidency during a “Time of War” makes Obama a SPY under the UCMJ at Section 906,Article 106. Obama is subject to Court-Martial and if convicted,the DEATH Penalty. Obama is a fraud,traitor,spy and RICO Criminal.

  2. Nixon bugged one Office. Nixon was a bona-fide POTUS. Obama cannot be compared to any “President”. Obama CAN be compared to Chester Arthur however. Arthur was our Nation’s FIRST Usurper. They found out about HIM after he died. I was not alive then but I am alive NOW. Obama has usurped the Presidency on OUR watch. It is OUR duty to defend the Constitution to have Obama ARRESTED for usurpation of the Presidency. Each generation has a duty to defend the Constitution for ourselves and our “Posterity” (Posterity means Children). Our Children deserve NO less than what our ancestors did to pass freedom on to US.

  3. Are the three judges feeling sick or is it somthing they have just swallowed?.

  4. Spread the word take a stand be a patriot get Obama out and let not for the men and women who gave their lives for our country be in vain. We the American people must take a stand and fight for our constitutional rights and preserve our freedom and way of life. As Americans we have a responsibility for every American citizen to carry on our legacy that our founding fathers have given us over 200 years ago. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”- President Abraham Lincoln.

    So as you see for the crimes that Obama has committed against our constitutional law, which this man has been trying to throw our bill of rights right out the window for we the American people must not even allow a president of the United States of America to threaten and/or over throw our constitution from the same constitution that he sworn to uphold and protect. For God and country impeach Obama and save our country.
    Thank you American patriot for reading this. I hope I have inspired you and others to

  5. I for one agree Obama needs to be impeached. He does not like our country the things he has done. is awful,Benghazi was so bad,he did not care how we feel he has a thing about executive order to do what he wants with our beloved country.

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